Candy Crush Level 137 Cheats & Tips

Candy Crush Level 137 – one of the dreaded ingredient levels.  You are given a minimal amount of moves – 15 to be exact – in order to bring 2 ingredients to the bottom.  The problem with this level of Candy Crush is that you are blocked from making majority of the moves by the empty squares located throughout the board.  Try these cheats and tips for level 137 or Candy Crush to help you get those ingredients to the bottom and finally beat the level!

Candy Crush Level 137 Cheats

  1. Position ingredients.
  2. Move ingredients to green arrows
  3. Level 137 Video Walkthrough
Level 137 Cheat #1: Notice which columns are going to bring your ingredients to the bottom.
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candy crush level 137

    • Level 137 of Candy Crush is not only difficult because of the empty squares that block you from making certain moves.
    • But you will notice that there are only 3 columns that the ingredients can be dropped down that will “bring it to the bottom.”
    • These are located on the left-hand side of the board – the columns marked with 3 translucent green arrows pointing down.


  • So now that you know where you need to drop the ingredients on level 137, you have to focus on getting the them over to those columns.



  • This requires that you examine what direction the ingredients move in as you progress through your turn and make moves.





  • jin patricia

    level 125 plss

    • Binkyblue


  • nettie

    On level 137; Once a nut or cherry falls in the 4th space across, in the right set of columns. I cannot find a way to move it out, is it possible? Thanks

    • city of sails

      same with me

  • Deborah

    Wow thanks! Your tips on lv 137 made it a piece of cake :-D