Candy Crush Level 169 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 169 cheats and tips will show you how to beat level 169 of Candy Crush. In level 169, need to fulfill three different orders, 1 striped+striped candy combination, 1 striped+wrapped candy combination, 1 striped+color bomb candy combination in 35 moves. Use these Candy Crush cheats, tips, hints and strategy to pass level 169 in no time!

Candy Crush Level 169 Cheats

  1. Use the multi-layered meringues to your advantage
  2. (Mostly) ignore the chocolate!
  3. Combos make combos
  4. Level 169 Video Walkthrough
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  • In Level 169, there are a lot of chocolate fountains and luckily, trying ot make combinations to fulfill the orders will keep chocolate from taking over your board but use those meringues in the beginning to your advantage! The meringues will keep the chocolate fountains from activating so try to form as many special candy combinations within the more-narrowed board while there are still meringues to clear!




  • Shalini Gupta

    very hard…stuck up

  • Nicci Cornett

    I have been stuck on 169 for literally months!!!! This page was NO help at all !!! Thinking about removing the CC app :(

    • Jessica Peachey

      you’ve just had really bad luck. you’ll get past it. the trick I use only works on mobile app. if you enter the level and you can see it’s a bad one, then just close out of it. you won’t lose a life.

  • Brandon Danzer

    fuck candy crush funckin scam artists

    • Blue Lagoon


      We don’t need the likes of you on this forum!
      I passed this level after 12 attempts. As long as you are quick and mathematical thinking it should be easy.

      • dennis coleman

        have filled the orders twice already but did not get 45,000 points,

        • RS

          they want you to pay, level 169 is impossible unless you pay those scam artists DELETED!!!!!!

  • Brandon Danzer

    candy CRUSH IS wack woerst game ever

  • Yuliya Yufa

    Thank you! it was VERY helpfull for me. As soon as start ignore chocolate and stop to worry about strip candies to save for special combination, and just start doing any combos – I came throw as a magic! it’s take me two days this level, I read it today and pass within 5 lives!!!! Thank you/ thank you, thank you!

  • Donna Syvrud

    I believe this level requires payment, I will stop and not play anymore, I have never been on a more hopeless level, thanks for nothing, this is supposed to be not easy but friendly game, sorry I’m not some guru, I actually have other things to do, FYI I have actually spent money before to advance, no more over it !!

  • Marina

    The tip for ignoring the chocolates was amazing! I got through in the first try after I read it. And I was stuck on this level for more than one week. Thank you very much!

    • KW Crosby

      I’ve tried ignoring the chocolates and all I get is way more chocolate and no room for any specials. Wish that worked for me!

  • ron

    Thanks for help. Got it on first try after reading tips.

  • Elaine Williams

    My hair is falling out playing this game. My friends say it is because I am on chemo – I say it is because of the frustration in not spending money to get that extra shot or booster!

  • RS

    Have to pay to get past this level end of story!!!!!!