Candy Crush Level 181 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 181 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 181 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 181 is to bring down to cherries and get 20,000 points in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 181.

Level 181 Cheat #1: Clear frosted jelly first.

candy crush level 181
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  • Since the frosted jelly only needs one hit to clear, you need to clear the center jelly with as few moves as possible.
  • A good way to do this is to use vertical striped candies which will clear an entire column of frosted jelly in one move, also allowing cascading jellies to fall into the empty column.
  • Cascading jellies will automatically match and eliminate even more jelly from the same move.
  • Make sure you carefully look at the board in between each move to see which regular 3 candy match is going to hit the most pieces at once.
  • This is a very important tip for this level of Candy Crush because you are going to need to save as many moves as your can in order to clear the side blocks – the most difficult part about level 181.
  • When clearing the frosted jelly is that you do not need to clear it all.
  • It will benefit you to leave the bottom row filled with jelly since if you get a horizontal striped special candy at the bottom.
  • It will not hit any of the side jelly.
  • By leaving the bottom row filled with frosted jelly, it can act as a platform if this type of special candy falls to the bottom.
  • It will save you more moves for clearing the side jelly.

  • Donna Sutton

    I need someone to tell me how to beat level 180 pleaae

    • Kat

      The key is to combine striped candy with bomb candy as close to the bottom as you can.

  • Rica Jones

    I had everything all set up and then an unexpected cascade screwed it up. SIGH!

    • Linda Lane

      same here. it is thier way of not letting us win

      • Romi

        Ugh! Me too! Breaks my heart and patience! Sigh

  • Susan McMillin

    In the example up above there is purple candies?! I don’t have purple candies on level 181. Maybe that’s why I’ve been stuck for weeks?!!

    • Katie Unander

      mine has purple candies…I was on another level that did not match the Tips page once, and all I could do was to keep playing it until I finally beat it.

  • Frances Dimond

    181 is ridiculous….been there for over a month…..stupid me….

  • Tish Jolley

    181 it the hardest level I have ever been on they dont give you enough moves to beat this level. I just about ready to give up on candy crush and find me a new game,, I been on the level for months, its stupid,

    • Sue

      It feels impossible!!!

    • DAC

      I agree but I can’t find any good games!

      • Bucinka

        Try Dragon Gem, if you haven’t already.

      • 2lassie3

        Papa pear–Farm heros saga-soda crush-pengle.

    • Elincor

      Someone I know who has been on level 340 for a long time is starting to feel despondent!

    • Linda Lane

      I too have been stuck on this level. wish they would ease up

    • Pamela Kohutek Hawkins

      I feel the same way

    • 2lassie3

      I agree. I beleve that I am quitting.

    • Eieiei

      There had been definitely harder levels then this one. You just need to play it a couple of times until you should finish it off with a fair result. The above tips are very helpful and should be followed.
      Of course not every board will allow to finish, that would be too simple. But combinations of striped and wrapped candy are really helpful, even though it is sometimes hard to get these next to each other in the right row.

  • Andrew

    Cheats Translation: It’s all luck.

    • DAC

      Really? Really? I hope you’re right.

  • Chris L. Johnson

    Actually…if you can get two wrapped candies on either the left or right edge, the giant explosion is enough the hit the blocks…but it throws it out of ‘sync’ with the other side.

    • truexnalvr

      I’ve done this and … nothing! I’ve done every combination — and every suggestion and still … nothing. I think I am going to have to give up Candy Crush …. :-(

  • carole

    this level is so hard and have read and re-read and still to not understand. do not get which ones vertical or horzontal knock out the side with the cherries.

    • DAC

      I feel ya’. I still don’t understand it either. I’m not sure it even is understandable. I’m so over King’s little tricks, like forced bad sprinkle ball moves (because there ARE no other possible moves), repeated re-shuffles…I mean back-to-back. It’s not a fair fight. It’s hideous, yet I can’t break away from Candy Crack. I’m just gonna sit here, all catatonic, playing on “cruise control” and just hope to hell for Divine Intervention.

      • Linda Lane

        save your lollipops. I am stuck on level 181. don’t see any hope of winning

  • Fozi Az

    if i pass this Level .. i’m gonna make a video for me dancing naked with scarves and upload it on the web … if … if … if i pass this hard as hell level ..
    OMG .. it’s been a month :( :( :(

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Don’t worry Fozi, you’ll get there! But when you do, you may want to keep that celebration video private haha.

      • Fozi Az

        i did it .. i did it .. i did it .. !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        ok i will keep it private πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        • Candy Crush Cheats


        • Linda Lane

          did you have to buy any boosts. I am hoping not to, don’t want to spend money on a game

          • Fozi Az

            No .. this level just need a lucky board … with a few intelligent moves …
            just choose your board wisely :)

      • Liz Ham

        It’s ridiculous…totally! I need to find another game to play….. 181 is boring!!!!!

    • Keith

      did you get passes level 181. Missed the video. :)

      • Fozi Az

        no πŸ˜€
        but i’m on level 410 now … so i’m going to make two videos if i pass it too πŸ˜€

    • Kat Landes

      How did you pass it Fozi? It has been a couple months off and on cause I get so frustrated.

      • Fozi Az

        try making as much as you can Stripped+wrapped candy Combos in the lower part of the board .. few smart and calculated moves … baaaaam … you’ll pass it πŸ˜‰

  • Ashish

    after trying so many times in a week finally i cleared this level

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      That’s awesome. Congrats!

      • Dave Saccs

        this game can kiss my ass

  • Melissa Danielle

    I paid for extra moves to finally get the first cherry to drop, and then the second cherry never appeared!! It says to get 2 cherries to win, but how is that possible if the second cherry isn’t even in the game?! I spent over $10 to finally beat the level and I got screwed over! I don’t mind spending a few bucks here and there to pass a level, but this is just unacceptable. Unless you can make this right, I am DONE with Candy Crush! Very disappointed….

    • Tasha Blevins Crawford

      i thought the same thing but the second cherry is on the otherr side of the screen, there r u cherries!!

  • indypack

    This level sucks! I can’t even get close even with all different strategies.

  • Priyanka E

    This level is impossible.. tried everything wasted so many lives, i feel games are for fun but this level is just spoiling the fun… so i have to find some other fun game n give up on candy crush..

  • Conan776

    I gave up on this and went and crushed candies in Dreamworld all week. Gave it another go this afternoon and got the cherries to the bottom on the 2nd try. It can be done!

    • Katie Unander

      what finally did the trick?

  • Debbie

    181 is driving me totally crazy! Been struggling on it for weeks and I’m on the verge of deleting the game! However I’m not a quitter so I’ll just walk away for awhile and try a new game.

  • pandoraknopp

    Why so much conflicting information….One person says ” ignore wrapped canids, as they are not much good to help” another says ” wrapped candies are the key to this level”
    No wonder we get confused!

    • Katie Unander

      A wrapped candy plus a striped candy gives you one giant candy that will wipe out 3 of the 4 target rows at once. if you can do that 4 times on the same 3 rows it will take out all 4 layers of those jellys. But that is impossible to do as the game sabotages all of your efforts to beat it!!!! AARGH !!!!!!……hope that helps..

  • mrgreen

    kiss my ass level 181

  • Sam

    I have been trying to win this level for so long it is getting boring. In order to win you need to clear the side blocks which need to be hit a total of ten times on each side.

    • Claudia Bontrager

      try 15 times on each side

  • Sam

    I should have made my post below sooner. I just won this level. I am so happy, :)

    • Ayesha Iftikhar

      lucky you………… :(

  • Richard Wilson

    A hundred games and haven’t got it yet. This sucks!

  • Marcia Pariser

    This is a nighmare of a level. Been at it for 2 weeks seems an impossibility

  • Brenda Mathis

    This level 181 is making me nuts. I get so close, and just before I can win, I run out of moves. This level sucks!!!!

  • Brandie Gibbons

    this is by far the most frustrating level. I have been stuck here for over a month, if i don’t have any luck by the end of March i am giving up playing Candy Crush. You are suppose to enjoy it not get frustrated with it, it’s just way to hard to do

  • JΓΈrn E. Svanem

    eat my shorts

  • Patsy Williams Russell

    I just can not win this one 181, I have tryed every thing, about ready to give up on this .

    • Lorica Marlin

      im with u forsure has been kije 6months offn on i hate the game n play the owl in other world lol

  • MazzaJay

    You’re right. Level 181 is impossible. Just not enough moves to even get started. it gets boring when success is not an option.

    • MessyMaddie2

      My friend beat it the first time he played 181. I however have been on it for over two months. I mean really, it’s not like they are giving away millions of dollars when you win the level, so why do they want to make it so hard to get. It’s all set up anyway, because I notice that when it gets close to letting you win you start getting a lot of big moves in the few games before the win, lol.

  • Poppi

    I have been on this level for two weeks now. At first it was fun. Now it is boring. I really do not know if I will keep playing. :(

    • Gina Carelli Straine

      I’ve been on it over a month and I don’t even come close! I have many boosters from the spin the wheel, but I can’t seem to access them. What’s the point of the wheel if we can’t use what we win??

  • MazzaJay

    I have to confess that, after posting for the first time here yesterday, today I just managed to beat this level. The trick for me was to make as many horizontal striped candies as possible and use them when they are in the right place. At the start, I was trying to save them to combine them with stripes or wraps, but to use them straight away seemed to work better. And is it just me, or are the coloured balls totally useless in this levels?!

  • PaulF2

    I have an even better strategy than this walkthrough. Just play the game ten thousand times until pure luck beats it for you. I call it the “give enough monkeys enough typewriters approach.” Because that’s the only way to beat this level without just buying your way through it with bonuses.

  • Julie

    181 is very hard, but unlike other levels it is sooo boring, i find myself playing it less and less, which is a shame as I’ve enjoyed Candy Crush for months now.

    • Adrienne Denise

      I agree. It is boring and the fact that I can’t pass it gives me less incentive to play. Hard to believe I may be losing interest in Candy Crush…..

  • Julie

    How come you can only use ONE of the bonus spins??

  • Julie

    Ive done it, dont know how, but i have!!

  • Katie Unander

    I don’t thing it wants me to sabotages all my attempts. SIGH. It is not even a fun level to be stuck on like levels 111 or 138 or 68 in Dreamworld where I got 801,600 points. And that was on my second try. That game was fun. Please King Guru, let me pass this level!

    • Linda Lane

      I agree. just when I get the right combination lined up, they blow it up

  • BLT

    Frankly I’m sick of trying to pass this level cause I think it is impossible. Especially since the weather is nice now and I would rather be out sweating working in my yard than screwing with 181. If anyone has any secrets other then what this sights tells you, please share.

  • Cheryl Davis

    totally agree with comments i am stuck on 181 also and my husband as well. i saw few hints to use stripes and wrapped side by side which helped to remove side blocks , but run out of moves before i can remove all and win level. i fwd hints i found to friend and she got through it in like a day. but says doesnt remember what she did wasnt paying attention , she amazed herself .. dont buy it lol,. but no more hints to her from me lol

    • Cheryl Davis

      and we been stuck for a month

  • Ann Bright Jenson

    I finally got this one. Just concentrate on stripes plus wrapped or stripes plus stripes. I don’t know how many times I missed passing the level by one move. Finally, it worked and I had three moves left.

  • rookgaroo

    It took a zillion tries and I finally wound up with a striped candy that would clear the last licorice but no way to activate it with one move left. Then I remembered I had a lollipop hammer from the free spin wheel! Woo-Hoo!

    Just keep trying for striped/wrapped combos and setting them up in the right place. There’s not enough moves to beat it any other way.

    • BowieGirlForever

      I was on this level for 4 days consistently and I then read all of these comments and just KNEW I was NEVER going to beat this level. I just woke up and of course I thought ….let me go ahead and lose this level once again. With sleep still in my eyes,I noticed I had only 2 clear jellies at the bottom of each column and I remembered I had 2 lollipop candies .I hit those two clear F-ers and started my happy dance. For the love of God….this level was too hard and I almost gave up on CCS FOREVER!!! All I can say is keep playing.You’ll beat it when you least expect to.

  • RS

    Stupid fucking game, make it fun at least, same level for 5 months now……..I know its gotta be challenging, but not cheats work, never get any stripped or coated candy……………not work playing, way better games to play than this dumb impossible game!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patty Penland

    I hate level 181…..i do like a challenge but hate impossible! I play often and had 140 lives banked and still nothing ! Not to mention all the other lives that u get in time! DISGUSTED!

    • Chris

      How do you ‘bank’ lives? I have not seen a way to saves lives that people give me. If I don’t use them at that level they disappear.

  • Maureen Edmonds

    Enough!!! Been on this level for what seems like months- my fellow Facebook friend just sailed past, no problem! So what am I doing wrong, have read all hints more than once, but just can’t get a high score, let alone getting the cherries down. This isn’t fun anymore, and that is what a game should be. Come on king games- fair go!!!

  • Sue Moore

    Getting on my tits blow up when you don’t want it its a cheat

  • Guillermo Coelho Bergandi

    you people do me a favor? please fix this stupid level 181, ridiculous,
    i have many color bombs, that no do anything, when the color bomb is on
    the board, impossible to get the candy stripe to do a combination

  • Ross Semmens

    I know what is required to finish level 181. But after 12 months of trying, I know now the candy doesn’t. I am going insane, no matter how much planning, the candy just does it’s own thing. I Truly think this level should be abandoned. Because there is no way of getting it out until the candy falls in precisely the one in a million sequence. I think I will win tatts before I get this level out. Sorry for all those who have fluked it in the past.

  • Rob Mason

    The first time through, I thought 181 was impossible. Now I’ve finished 590 real world and am stuck on 276 in Dreamworld. Just came back and played 181 again. Got it on the first try, 3 stars, with 4 moves left. Amazing what fighting bigger disasters later on does for your game. It IS possible. Have fun!!

  • betty

    How manY
    obstacles are on the sides to break through

  • Johnny Valz

    Very aggravating. Im hitting those blocks with everything imaginable. Horizontal candies, color bombs/striped candies, wrapped candies/striped candies … but the blocks need to be hit SO many times that I can’t get them all gone.

  • Leah

    I am currently at level 360 and I have yet to see a level as hard as this one. Good luck to all of you. :)

  • Marcelo Aguilar

    The game is everything one defrauds. It is a program of casino. You do not have any chance of winning. The machine decides who and when it should happen but the majority loses all the time. Because they gain silver while you play. Make what you makes was not winning until it has not played them sufficiently. Accommodate the candies since you want. Equal lose. I have it studied well since it works.
    There is no way of winning. Only when the program decides. They continue betting and studying, they were not winning. It is the real one defrauds.Mathematically you do not have any chance. It needs to accommodate the candies. But there are candies that go down and up. They do not serve. When you tries to accommodate them, one falls of above that you dont see and finish with `your plans. In fifty movements this calculated that you cannot win. Only the program has a “bonus” that goes out like “special” 1 in 1.000 or 500: not important. You paid with time in machine. They gain the money.

  • Kathy Burpee

    I’ve been on this level for about 6 months now. I think they just want to you spend money buying more moves!

  • Andy

    I’ve loved playing Candy Crush these past few months, but level 181 seems virtually impossible to beat. I no longer enjoy the game. Too bad. Why would the makers of this game invent a level that drives its audience away? It’s effing stupid on their part.

  • Andy

    This level is set up so that it is virtually impossible to beat it. I’ve enjoyed playing the game, but I’m tired of knocking my head against a brick wall in a fruitless effort to beat 181. It looks like I’ll move on to another game. Too bad.

  • jenny morgan

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  • Darvin

    It’s a nasty Level. I given almost 4 Hrs to this Level to clear. I played 2-3 times and realize that I need to think as chess player to clear that Level. At last, it cleared when my 7 moves was remaining. One of the toughest level till now

  • Dawn Marie

    You can’t say use striped candy to clear an entire row, and also say to leave the bottom row of frosted jellies! Obviously, the striped candies will clear the ENTIRE row, therefore, eliminating any “platform” across the bottom!

  • renu

    Why is level 181 candy crush so difficult and just impossible that you just what to stop playing candy crush

  • Lydia Omisuen Youngs

    Did anyone get past level 181? Been her for aleast a month.

  • Liz Ham

    I just quit CC because of this level! Done…. No more!

  • Michelle McBride

    I been stuck on this level for months! I tried everything and has almost beat it a few times but then I run out of moves. I’m about to give up

  • selma

    level 181 can be beat with the lollipops. try to clear the top of the outsides first with the horizontal balls.

  • barbara

    go to search and type candy crush cheat code and the level you are on . i do it if i cannot get no where

  • Christine Dilger

    I had beating level 181 2 times this week and every freakin time it will make my computer freeze up and I have to start the level again this is freaking ridiculous at least let me pass this level mind u that is not that easy to pass

  • Christine Dilger

    I had beaten level 181 2xs in the last 2 days after near a month of trying and both freaking times my computer froze and I had to restart this level over ridiculous, u should let us go to next level this is sickening

  • carrb62

    Level 181 has become so difficult and challenging that it has become a jock. Have now lost total interest in the game. What is the next puzzle game one can start?

  • Bucinka

    It took me several weeks to beat this one. Finally did it today with two striped + wrapped combos and a lot of luck. Just finished 185 as I typed this.

  • Karen Hooper

    My booster wheel has been dark for days is that normal? could use some special candy on this level!

  • Danilo Freitas

    I’m really about to give up this level 181… Been months stuck on it… Makes me angry and don’t wanting play Candy Crush anymore…

  • Huda Alshemari

    I do it
    i do it by only five atteempt

  • michele

    Level 181 is a horrible level.I’ve been on this level for over two months I was so frustrated and bored to be on this level for so long Well, I finally passed it yesterday.It can be done and I purchased nothing to beat this level ever.The next few levels after 181 arent too difficult.I’m now on 191.Don’t give up.Good luck!!!!!

  • Danilo Freitas

    I cannot pass this level… Stuck on it for about 12 weeks.. This is RIDICULOUS!! >:-(

  • joyce

    time to quit candy crush level 181 so hard its just no fun any more , time to ply scrabble.

  • joyce

    ita just no fun any more time to move on .

  • deta

    Level 181: Thanks, guys for sucking out the joy of one more thing in my life. I feel deconstructed once again. Can’t you make this more friendly? I’m convinced a mean male devised this game or a mad, witch of a woman.

  • naigoreip

    Stuck here for weeks, everyday I spin the wheel, use up my lives and leave. Silly of them because one just goes to play something else.

  • joyce

    can level 181 really be done its just no fun any more .

  • joyce

    i,m a pensioner and can,t aford to buy extra moves it was good while it lasted thank you candy crush but its just to hard.

  • conniekas

    I have actually gotten down to needing one more a couple of times. I am bored and impatient with this one. I don’t mind maybe a week on one but this is end of 2nd month!! Boring!

  • conniekas

    I have been almost a month on 181, and tonight it all came together–with out any helps! On my last move too! Hope there are no more like this–haha, am I dreaming!

  • Steffy

    I have been stuck on this level for almost a month at this point, and am feeling like passing this level is a chore rather than being able to enjoy this game as I have for months now. I am not one for “easy ways out”, but after playing this same level day in and out, I do think the game should offer loyal players the option to move on after recognizing that the same level has been played over a hundred times… Again, I usually am against short cuts, but after a myriad of attempts at this one level, I do wish there was some kind of cheat or code that would allow me to skip this rediculously unwinnable level. I am at the point where I am considering canceling my subscription-and it’s a shame because I sincerely love this game! But even the most devout players have their limits regarding relentless repetition…

  • Jan Narlock Berlin

    Level 181 is impossible when you get two color bombs and nothing goes off something is wrong I am quitting

  • Jan Narlock Berlin

    Level 181 is impossible when you get two color bombs together and nothing goes off something is wrong I am quitting

  • Jan Narlock Berlin

    Level 181 is impossible when you get two color bombs together Ann nothing comes off something is wrong I am quitting

  • Jan Narlock Berlin

    It’s impossible

  • Jan Narlock Berlin

    I am quitting candy crush

  • Jan Narlock Berlin

    This level is impossible I am done

  • Barb Bayer

    Finally giving up on #181 after three months of misery. Must be more to life than this game. Sorry Candy Crush, you’ve lost me! Why would anyone want to willingly spend money for this????????????/

  • ‘Living Doll

    stuck on this level from last 2 months :( ….pls easy this one in upgrades :(

  • 2lassie3

    This makes it look so easy but, in reality it just doesn’t work that way. It takes more times to crack the sides away than this shows.

  • Lanette Kauten

    Even using the tips, it’s a very difficult level because it’s hard to get enough wrapped and striped candy combos, but after two weeks of playing every day, I finally defeated it.

  • Burnetta

    I have done all of these tips, and I always leave at least 1 or 2 thingies
    on the side.
    Been on level 181 for months.

  • Judith De Bats Damm

    I enjoy a challenge but when you make it impossible …delete the program and move onto something new …I am about there ..

  • gary126

    I’ve tried everything mention in these cheats. I don’t think they are right.

  • Tammy Harrison

    I’m ready to quit Candy Crush. Level 181 is just to hard. I’ve been on this level for at least 6 months. If I don’t get it by the end of the year, I’m getting rid of the Candy Crush app on my computer.

  • Elizabeth Leclaire Milette

    I have been on this level for at least 8 months. My arm is sore from trying. I know it’s only a game, but Geez, give Me a break. The closest I’ve ever come to winning 181 is to knocking out 2 blocks on each side. Frustrating!!!!

  • Helen

    I don’t mind levels being difficult but I do mind them being boring. This level is tedious beyond belief.

  • jim buettner

    I’ve been stuck for months now , I’m done it’s no fun to play over and over again and not have any hope of getting past it

  • guest

    Shame shame shame! I bought 150 gold for the first time ever because I needed one more move to win the level, but when I tried to use the extra moves it was not an available option anymore. Before I bought the gold I hade 2 bars available, when I started the next try I was starting with only 143. Shame shame shame!

  • Penelope Diaz

    having a tough time

  • Brenda Hudson

    Some of these levels are damn near impossible to beat. I think it takes just luck some times to win. I’m on level 181 and I feel like I’m going no where every time I play this stupid game. Good luck to evryone.

  • 2lassie3

    Spin the wheel everyday and keep the pink “knockout balls.” When you save enough, you can knock the candy out of the sides and win the game. I finally won after 5 months of trying. Not sure it was worth it but, I was determined.

  • Bob Perkins

    All – Just did this last night – spent a week on it.
    Overall I found color bombs useless since they do not effect the side pieces we are trying to kill.
    But yesterday – I crossed 2 color bombs ‘Just Because’ to wipe out the board.

    The BEST thing happened – it hit all 8 targets once AND I didn’t need to line things up!

    Within 10 more tries I completed the level.
    Second is the wrapped / striped combo…

    Get color bombs together!

  • Pat Watson

    been at this level since november of 2014

  • MilkyWay123

    Myself and a few friends have all been on this level for months. Basically we have all given up on playing but do check in once in awhile hoping the moniters have given up on stopping people from playing unless they spend $$$. Apparently not. There are alot of other games out there which do not use this strategy. They may hold you up for a a day or two but let you through in a reasonable amount of time. To bad–this was a fun game while it lasted.

  • Native New Yorker

    I am ready to retire Candy Crush over level 181. Not fun, boring and almost impossible to win. Who need the grief. This is supposed to be a game and fun. It is neither. Guess you have to “buy” your way through the level. Thank you, NO.

  • Lorica Marlin

    i think is month 6 now on 181. i almost hate the game n e more why is this level so hard i been stuck before this is insane/im stooping to a cheat sheet for reals lmao

  • disqus_Gf76m0Cqd9

    just passed the level. elated doesn’t begin to describe…yay. don’t give up, it can be done.

  • Laura Poe Beattie

    I am stuck on 181 too. I am sure King’s deal is that they want us to “crack” and break down and spend money on their site. If I KNEW I could win and needed 1 more move, I would spend the money, but otherwise-no WAY is King.COM getting any of my dolla’s!