Candy Crush Level 208 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 208 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 208 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 208 is to collect all the orders (10 striped candies and 4 color bombs).

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 208.

Level 208 Cheat #1: Color bombs first.

candy crush level 208
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  • color bombs make more color bombs! Focus your energy on forming color bombs early.
  • You can either keep resetting the board until you an opening a vertical striped candy move (to unleash the top bomb) or ignore the top bomb for now and focus on making combinations that will make more color bombs.

  • Joey

    The tips mentioned are nothing but common sense. A player that has made it to level 208, has already figured this much out.

  • Megan murtha

    I’ve only been on it for a day, but I feel like I’m going to be on it for weeks.

  • Julie

    I cant do this, its driving me mad, think its time to stop.

  • Julie

    I give up.

  • khalil

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  • isobelbaird

    I have tried the tips but if you don’t get the candies to drop the way you planned it never works out. I have been at this for weeks and gotten down to one but can not get 5 in a row too often

  • isobelbaird

    Sorry to say but today is my last day for Candy Crush I will try for the rest of the day to beat this level but after today I will be gone. Not fun anymore when it is almost impossible to get the amounts.

    • ENB

      Iso – I said the same thing about other levels! It’s particularly insidious when all you need is ONE more jelly – and then run out of moves. Keep plugging – you’ll get it…

  • anne

    Over it. Got down to 1 bomb several times but most times can’t get that far. Set up board for bombs only to have them taken away. Hate this level as there is no way to beat it. About done with CC

    • Eieiei

      What you can do is to start with one more color bomb from your boosters; I assume the level is designed to give you not more than three – whatever you do. So when you start with an additional one, you have bigger chances to pass.

  • Donald

    Goodbye whiners

    • XOXO

      There’s an a–hole on every forum. And his name is Donald.

      • Donald

        Hey x&o, the comment was directed to those who offer nothing to the forum but crying and whining then quit. That makes me an ahole? I got something you can x and o on!

    • Kaptah2

      Hello big brown pile of excrement!

      • Donald

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  • ava

    I just did this level on the third try. Try reading the comments under level 202. Good luck!

  • zombie lover

    First try. Sometimes it’s just plain old luck.

    • Eieiei

      A level like this is ALWAYS and ONLY plain luck.

  • anniej57

    I have been trying this level for several weeks – impossible. There doesn’t seem to be enough space to make coloured bombs, let alone the combos – am stopping Candy Crush, levels like this are just frustrating with no real feeling that one is going to succeed.

  • Zachary Zarko

    Why – when candies cascade into groups of four – do they always make HORIZONTAL striped candies? That is cheating!

  • rachelstruve

    When I watched the video to level 208 it was pretty strange to me because it has the right board but the order on it is wrong. 208 requires 9 stripe and four color bomb s. But the video shows it as one color bomb wrapped and one color bomb striped. Does any one else see this. ???or Am I crazy???

  • Eieiei

    “color bombs make more color bombs!”
    Really ???
    Bullshit !!!

  • Eieiei

    “The shape of this board actually makes it surprisingly easy to form color bombs.”
    Bullshit again. You can have 26 moves and no chance to make a single color bomb, that’s a fact!