Candy Crush Level 245 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 245 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 245 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 245 is to collect all orders (5 striped + wrapped combinations), get 60,000 points in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 245.

Level 245 Cheat #1: First make wrapped candy.

candy crush level 245
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  • wrapped candy is a lot harder to form than striped candy, so work on resetting till you get a board that looks like it has a ready-made wrapped combination. The first wrapped+striped will help make way for more combos. But striped are easy to form! Focus on looking for wrapped formations.

  • MicheleOhio

    I spent $$ on this level. Including $3.99 for 15 extra moves and still only got 4 combos. Done with this. I hated to send the money, but I figured to clear this level and move on to a Strategy Level, it’s worth it. This is a snake level, mainly based on chance not so much strategy. I think it’s aimed to get lots $$ from you, I spent $10.95 on it. I deleted Candy Crush from my iPad. Good Bye, Good riddance. Ciao, etc. :o)

    • Santosh Murali

      i promise to get through this level without paying money!!

      • Kim bennett

        Ya? How did that work out for you?!!!!

        • Santosh Murali

          hi kim, i finished that level without paying money, it took a long time… but i finally did it…. candy crush will never get a dime from me.. lol… i am now stuck on 285…!

          • Shyam Agarwal

            ha ha ha seems so funny that u paid money to clear the level…cleared the whole level in a single attempt…with 3 stars…

      • Melanie Pierluigi

        you can beat this level without paying…it’s all about luck but you will eventually win if you stick with it.

    • Charles


    • No longer a guest

      I feel the same way. What used to be fun has turned into a $$ game that I will not participate in. Deleting this game from all my computers, phones, etc. And for the person that passed with 3 stars, good for you, aren’t you special…. don’t believe it for a minute!

    • Pearl Thompson

      I am with ypu

  • Jessica Steele

    Having NO results on level 245 … Ugh! Love this game … will give it another attempt or two … but, will not waste anymore money or time on one stupid level. Gimme a break.

  • RushRobot

    Nobody to regulate the game and make sure you are not getting cheated out of your hard earned money.

    • Charles

      In favor of more government regulation? You must be a Democrat.

  • Sharon Robinson Strickland

    am so DONE with this Level!!! Already had a few Friends quit because of it…and I am right on their heels! If it doesn’t clear by late tonight (Friday)..I’m deleting it off my computer AND my phone!! SO DONE!!

    • Sharon Robinson Strickland

      GONE!! DELETED!!! No rhyme nor reason to that level!!!…I am DONE!!!

      • Candy Crush Cheats

        Don’t give up yet Sharon! What were you particularly having a hard time with?

        • Sharon Robinson Strickland

          I am done with Candy Crush! Deleted from Facebook AND my Phone!! Level 245 was impossible!…AND…I will not ‘buy’ my way through a Level!! After 2 weeks+…HUNDREDS of Lives…and Countless Hours!…NOT worth the mental aggravation!!’s only a GAME!….and I was getting tooo frustrated!! Good luck to all those that continue to play even into the over 500 Levels!

          • Candy Crush Cheats

            You’re right Sharon, it is only a game. No need to get stressed. But if you ever feel like crushing again, please be sure to visit us again for all your Candy Crush tips and tricks!

          • Sharon Robinson Strickland

            Oh I very much doubt that will happen! After spending MONTHS to get to Level 245…not interested in starting back at 0 Good luck to all!!

          • Lorna Miller Burns

            I think this level will send many people away from Candy Crush.

          • Jo

            The only thing that makes this level hard is trying to keep the bombs from blowing up and your wrapped candies, even though it’s very hard to get a wrapped candy in the first place.. but yes it’s only a game, walk away take deep breaths and go back another time, I won’t let it beat me.. I’ll probably quite at some point but not ready to give up just yet ( Italic is from typo)

          • Pearl Thompson

            good advise same here

          • Irena Mayhew

            Me too!!!! :( :(

          • Gracie66

            I saw a video showing how to win this level. Shockingly, wrapped candy after wrapped candy appeared on his screen. None of them exploded by themselves and he (I’m just using that pronoun) never used a booster. And lo and behold, he’d only get one bomb at a time and they never detonated on him before he could find a match. Needless to say, I simply don’t think that was real. I find that the more time you spend on a level, the more boring it becomes. I quit right in the middle of a game now when it becomes apparent that I could never make the matches necessary.

          • Kim bennett

            I agree! No reason to spend money on this level. There is nothing that will help you. Find another game.

          • Lindsay Gabel

            I have been on this level for 9 months and spent no money . Every time i get a wrapper it always just blows up without me making a move. I also beat it twice and it never moved to the next level. i am QUITING

          • mitchellvii


          • Pearl Thompson

            same here

        • VFerrll

          I do not understand how to make the wrapped candies. Every once and awhile I can see the t-shaped formation. Other than that, I don’t know what I am looking for.

          • Melanie Pierluigi

            look more for the L shape than the T…this worked for me

        • Kim bennett

          A smart person knows when they are being scammed. BE SMART! Find another game to play!

      • Dantp

        Drama queen! Haha as long as you keep trying to set up wrapped candys at every turn it’s the kind of level that takes no longer than a good twenty lives!

        • Candy Crush Cheats

          Good tip my man!

          • AnthonyHeather Kofalt

            But how can I SET UP wrapped Candy’s ….so hard but I won’t give up

        • Irena Mayhew

          Bull—-! Bombs and wraps going off prematurely……50 lives is not enough! :P

      • NiLexi

        Congratulations, you now have literally no chance to beat this level. :P

    • Kim bennett


    • Charles


  • Teresa Cane

    Why do you guys bother spending your money i have only just reached this level but i have not spent any cash getting here and never will for me that’s the best buzz.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Congrats Teresa. That’s quite the accomplishment!

      • Dantp

        It’s not an achievement haha! I’m the same. But I don’t think would have managed it without using the clock trick to get past the quests quickly! Why would you even spend money?!

        • Barbara Moore

          Hooray ! I just beat 245 after weeks and no money spent! A lot of planning. I had 4 matches ans 2 turns left and one hand saved up so I used the hand to switch it around and got it!

        • Kim bennett

          Yep! Just change the date in your settings. Collect 5 full lives. Go back right away and reset the date. DO NOT SPEND A DIME FOR THIS LEVEL!

        • Geertje

          Clock trick?????

          • Cynthia Sinclair

            yes reset ur clock on ur phone and it gives u extra moves. theres a video out on how to do it

    • Barbara Moore

      I agree. I have gotten to 245 and hav’nt spent any money. This is a hard level, but they only get harder so am in no hurry !

    • Sam

      I also refuse to spend money on this game or any game. I know I will get pass this at some point.

    • Geertje

      Never ever spend money on that which gives you nothing back! Go Teresa!! I never spend money on games either.

    • Kim bennett

      Bet you are still ” buzzing!”

  • Zoie

    I did break the level 245 twice now but still i cant access the next level and it keep saying that there will be more land to explore and says that i can still replay the previous stage.Can somebody help me about this?

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Have you tried installing an update?

      • Sam

        How do you install the update?

  • Patsy Dodge

    I have been on this level for over 4 months and I quit. I have never had that many wrapped candies to complete the level. Very frustrating!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Don’t give up just yet Patsy! What troubles are you having?

      • Janet

        It’s easy to say don’t give up when u all made the game where it is almost…. Impossible to beat, maybe u guys should reconsider ur strategy and instead of making it impossible make it REASONABLE, that’s all we r asking! If we didn’t enjoy the game we wouldn’t be playing but come on u know as well as I do that it shouldn’t be required to do so many of the combos with fewer turns it would make it a little easier and quicker to move on to the next level and continue plating YOUR game. If not ur gonna lose a lot of people. YOUR CHOICE

        • Sam Alt Reid

          The guys who did this site did not make this game.

      • Geertje

        Too many bombs keep me from working on getting combos!!!!

    • Irena Mayhew


  • CC Addict

    I beat Level 245 in 2 days and used no money! don’t give up!! You need to make a wrapped candy and striped combo off the bat it usually clears a path for more wrapped ones to fall down… Also try to collect coloured bombs and free prize lollipops to clear a path to the mate. Take a chance on the mystery candies – many times they have a wrapped in them. Also a bit of luck with a good board is needed but when I won and came in second – I had to strategize & make my first combination! Good Luck!!!

    • Sandy

      I followed that advice too and it worked. It’s only random if you don’t plan your moves carefully. People give up too easily.

    • Geertje

      We KNOW what we have to make but….the bombs keep turning up and keep us from even thinking about the combos.

  • MysticStranger .

    Most of these tips are useless! “Make a wrapped candy,” everyone keeps saying. Well what about when you make one and then go to put it beside a stripe and it crushes because of some stupid method you can’t understand? I wish I had some of these crush and wipe methods on other levels that need them. Here you make a wrapped candy and it crushes before you even get near a stripe! I’m about to delete this silly crap also. A game should contain a largely workable strategy. This game is too much chance. I could go to the casino for that crap!

    • bill neal

      Spent almost a year on this level ….

      No more for me ….
      I am not paying for advancement ….

    • Geertje

      Yes, I’ve had many of those too. And you have striped and wrapped but cannot get them together and of course, you need to spend moves on stupid bombs!

  • Marc Casedonte

    I have been on this level for sometime. Waste of time. You make wrapped then they are surrounded by the same color so you cant move in any direction without crushing it. Or a mystery candy comes up wrapped right before you crush it with a striped. Waste of time. Just deleted it goodbye.

    • Geertje

      Amen, I found the same!

  • Sandra Gilbert

    Is anyone else having trouble after completing this level moving on to the next. It won’t let me ask friends for the boost to the next level… just blinks off every time.

  • Sandy

    I passed the level and it only took 4 tries. I followed the advice of making the wrapped candies first. No need to pay money for bonuses or even use bonuses. Wrapped candies aren’t that hard to make if you look at the board carefully and plan your moves. It’s not as random as some people think. Patience people patience!

    • Glenda Metcalfe Hill

      How do you plan wrapped candies?

    • Eddie Andrews

      How do you make a wrapped candy………….. I have no idea how to do this ??????????????

      • Charles

        You can’t possibly be serious. You claim to have played 245 levels and don’t know how to make a wrapped candy????

        • Eddie Andrews

          I noticed a bit of sarcasm in your response to my question………….  Please, Charles, I am at level 277 not 245……………..   Not too bad for not knowing how to make wrapped candies……………………….

          • Charles

            Perhaps you should have made your comment on 277, not 245.

          • Eddie Andrews

            Perhaps, you should have sent your 1st comment out when I was on 245 instead of 277………………..  Little bit late……………………

    • ghirl59

      You can make wrapped candies but as soon as you combine one with a stripe it wipes the rest of them out!

  • rose webster

    had twelve goes it this,,,, came here for tips,,,saw the make wrappad candy first tip,,,did it first go and didnt make first wrapped candy until move 26,,,,after that each combo seemd to make a wrapped candy and had luck moving stripped next to it,,,on 4th combo and only three moves left the combo created a wrapped and stripped right next to each other,,,

  • edthsdgh

    Kek you people suck.

  • guest

    So glad I looked this up!!! Using the strategy of looking for or forming the wrapped candies 1st help me get through this in 1 game!!! Thanks for the tip. It may have been a by chance of luck that my last board help me to get through. My whole strategy. Was wrong thank you all. I’ve only been on the board for abt 3 days. Unlike others. Dnt quit try looking at the boards differently now. Form multiple wrapped ones first the maneuver the strip ones to get to the wrapped ones . Took all of 3 mins for me to get through that level. Again thanks!!!

    • Vinny

      bull crap. Not possible. I had 5 wrapped at once on the board and all got popped when I combined one with a striped.

  • Mary

    I give up on CC. This level is impossible!! Only get one or 2 wrapped and they crash before you get another stripped! I’m done for good!!

  • Sam

    I only needed two more combos with 22 moves. Then the bombs and chocolates came onto the board. Ugh.

    • Jean

      I have been down to one combo many times and had lots of moves and still didn’t get it. I will delete it this evening and use my time to do something more useful. I know when I am beaten

  • Vinny

    Too damn hard. If it didn’t have bombs it would be easier but that takes up a lot of your moves. There are times you can’t even get wrapped no matter how hard you try.

  • Sam

    I did it. I decided I needed to take my time instead of trying to rush. I even had about ten moves left and I got three stars. :)

  • Tiffany

    I’m OVER THIS! I am quitting Candy Crush now. I’m fed up with this level! If the Candy Crush people would make this level more reasonable, people wouldn’t leave.

  • suspends

    I finished this level on second try and had 11 moves left, was luck or not, i dunno :)

  • Suemoo

    245 is hard, which is why I came on here yesterday. Yes you do need to get wrapped candy first as they are harder to get, but you can only get them through a combination of thinking about it, and the game actually giving you the opportunity to do it! Keep trying, you will get there in the end. It’s taken me a couple of days, but tried five times this morning then i did it. Yay :o)

  • Elisabeth Lahav

    I am at level 245 and can see I am going to be stuck here, mainly because this level apart from making a wrapped candy which either gets blown up, a bomb explodes game over little chance to get a striped next to it and then go through frustration for 5 successes.
    This level has no strategy and is based on pure luck which one can wait for weeks to happen.

    In an earlier episodes there was a similar objective to hit a number of wrapped candies and suddenly the game’s object was changed. I hope King decides to do the same with this level because I am not going to pay and frustration is not my game and I will say goodbye as I am sure many players have done so already

  • Gra

    This level is me out too. Spent FAR too long on it without ever getting close. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and those of us who have come this far do know how to play the game! Too random, too difficult, infuriating and ultimately frustrating. Might need a rethink from the developers because you know what? Life’s too short!

  • Hicham El Youssoufi

    finally after 3 weeks i succed in level 245 youppppppppppiiiiiiiiiii

  • Optimator

    This level is way too difficult, and I’m not playing CC anymore because of this. I’ve already completed the level on Facebook, but it wont sync on my other devices. Bye bye from a paying customer…

    And yes, I’ve tried uninstalling, updating and so on.

  • JoAnne

    I was a Candy Crush fanatic until I got to level 245 and now I’m turned off of this game and I an very disgusted with this level. I expect challenges but this is ridiculous . I refuse to pay any money because it won’t help, on any other regular level it’s impossible to get 5 wrapped/striped candies now they want it all on one level…very disgusted with this level and I am going to delete.

  • jonathan

    um candy crush I would like to ask you a question what happens if you get jackpot and you don’t get your stuff that you won
    then what

  • Sandra

    My only question is what’s the point of the bombs?? MOST of your usable moves are spent defusing those bombs! I’m seriously about to uninstall this game and go elsewhere! This game blows!

    • Geertje

      I fully agree with you. The bombs are ridiculous as you get no chance to make combos.

  • AnthonyHeather Kofalt

    I think when u make a move and the stripped and wrapped Candy’s mix(ones of the same color) that should count but they don’t

  • iain

    “concentrate on making wrapped candies”…pointless statement…if they are not there to be made how can you make them?…then when you do manage it they are crushed before you can use them!….level is unreasonably difficult imo…seriously losing patience now.

  • feckyourself

    Just did this with 24 moves left, no boosters. Obviously luck was involved. Stop whinging about it being a money grab. I’m at 246 without spending a single penny/cent on this game. Some of the levels are easier playing on a PC through Facebook than on mobile version.

  • Prild

    Watching this video, it’s seems to be too good to be true. For some
    reason the best opportunities to make the combos are happening in the
    first moves on here already, something which has never happened in more
    than four weeks of trying the level myself. Five times I got a wrapped
    candy in the first move already and then things went downhill. Bombs
    that just couldn’t be removed because there was no other color just near
    to it in all 12 moves… or the wrapped candy exploded because the same
    colored candys fell down from above, something which nobody could ever
    foresee… or it was impossible to get an striped candy near the wrapped
    The moment that you get a wrapped one in the first few moves of
    a round you can bet your arm that the next steps are getting even
    harder and that you’ll never ever come even close to hit more than 2
    combos at maximum.
    I’ve tried every strategy and nothing works.
    mystery candies are almost always chocolates for me, or stupid other
    blocking things I can’t use. Whenever you come close to hit the last 2
    combos you’ll get bombs in areas where there is no chance to get either
    striped candies or same colored candies close enough, no matter what you
    do. Coincidence?
    This level has nothing to do with thinking it
    through or strategy, it’s programmed and predetermined whether or not
    you pass it. Only luck, no riddle. I will stop playing this game.

  • Geertje

    Level 245 is evil! I spend so much time on keeping the stupid bombs away that there no chance to get the 5 combos. Which is in itself not easy. Just as you delete one bomb near the top the other already pops through. No fun at all!

    • Julie

      Ive been saying for ages I’m stopping, just done 5 goes and it is almost impossible and soooo boring, going to delete Candy Crush, i like a challenge, but this is pointless.

  • Geertje

    And….I will never ever spend money on these kind of games. I rather give some to a charity to feed some hungry people.

  • Julie

    I cant make wrapped candies, so this will certainly stop me playing, it should also be fun, this isnt.

  • Julie

    Ive just made 3 packets and they all went before i could match them, giving it till the morning then deleting, as people say this level is pointless.

  • Kim bennett

    DO NOT spend a dime for this level! Prepare to be stuck for a long time. Makes no sense. NO ACTION!! NO CHALLENGE. THE WORST WASTE OF TIME. I am going to playpoker.

  • Kim bennett

    Don’t bother. Find another game. Don’t spend a dime. Don’t be a sucker AGAIN.

  • Kim bennett

    Don’t bother with this game any longer. Find ANOTHER game.

  • Kim bennett

    There is no discussion. FIND ANOTHER GAME!

  • Julie

    Thats it, no more Candy Crush for me, 245 is totally pointless.

  • Geertje

    Tried is again but as soon as I got rid of 1 bomb 2 more appeared. I will just use 5 lives and after that I’ll do more useful things.

  • Michael McGinnin

    Okay just my second day playing level 245, and here are a few of my tips/observations. Most of the time if you combine a color bomb with a striped or another color bomb, it will produce 1-3 wrapped candies! This is just like getting a mystery candy which is wrapped. Also I’ve noticed it is very difficult to locate/position a striped candy piece, once you’ve found a wrapped piece. Instead of wasting precious moves on this, start immediately forming other striped candies elsewhere on the board, and another wrapped candy will suddenly appear.

    BTW, to anyone that continues to gripe about the difficulty/futility of these levels, get over it, learn from your mistakes and try new strategies. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result. I have spent as long as 3 weeks on just a couple of levels, but this week alone I went from level 201 to 245. Patience, persistence and willingness to try new methods is the key to quickly get to level 600.

    Paying for anything on this or any other game, even $1, is pure insanity!!!

  • Julie

    Can someone explain please, if you make more than more 1 wrapped candy and get it next to a stripe, the 1st one you explode takes all the others out, i hate this level.

  • Nicole Swegel

    This game is about luck….bad luck! I have been on Level 245 for a while now. I have tried endlessly to beat it but can’t and I will not spend money on a game. As for the cheats on this website, it was useless. There is nothing on these cheats that we don’t already know. Not even sure why it is called cheats. I’m about to give up Candy Crush because of this level. Each day I play less and less….some days I don’t play at all anymore. I think it is time to find a new free game to play.

  • Nikki Greenwell

    I hate this level. Im refuse to spend another dime on CC. I understand its trivial but damn u get all the way there but u need to buy extra moves that is BS! Stop cheating us out of our money and fun for playing the game !

  • rookgaroo

    It took some time, but I finished this level in less tries than level 244. Just work on setting up wrapped candies and hope you get lucky with the bombs, because that’s your only hope. It sucks when you have to use a ton of moves just to explode a bomb. This is one of those levels that is meant to break you down and buy stuff, but that just makes me more determined not to buy anything. I’ve had my butt saved by items I’ve won on the free wheel, but I’ll be damned if I’ll pay to play a game that’s advertised as free.

  • Julie

    Been on it about a month or so and its got me beaten, sad cos i loved CC, if only they would make it easier, ive got this far, so i know what im doing, if you only had to make 3 matches it would really help.

  • Denis Raikkonen

    I got through this level on my 1st trial and I had 11 moves left in the end )). It was not about luck. Please, do not waste your moves and always look for wrapped candies

  • Julie

    Can i have my Fairy Godmother PLEASE!!

  • Eddie Andrews

    I notice in different posts, it is said to MAKE WRAPPED CANDY. What do you do to make wrapped candy ????? I thought they just pop up randomly… This level is frustrating.

    • ghirl59

      You need to make an L shape with 5 matching colour candies. But they usually explode before you get the chance to use them……… This level is a nightmare. I thought 147 was bad

  • rookgaroo

    This is a hard level, but it didn’t give me as much trouble as some before it, or after it. From the comments, it sounds like some people are making the wrapped candies and saving them until they have five, then going for striped candies. Of course the first combination you explode will take out all (or most of) your hard work. Work on a wrapped, then work on a striped to match it with. Don’t save a wrapped candy for later. Even if you’re good at spotting moves ahead of time, luck is still a huge factor, so be patient. But don’t say it’s not possible because it is.

    I know as well as everyone else that the makers of the game (who have NOTHING to do with these pages, btw), are trying to get people to pay. That’s what makes passing a difficult level without buying anything even more satisfying. I’m on level 266 and haven’t bought a thing. I’ve beaten a couple of levels with things from the free spin wheel, but I haven’t paid a dime. This isn’t impossible, or even the worst level, so stick with it. Or don’t. But stop with the melodrama about never playing again and getting ripped off. It discourages people who really would like to try.

  • babaganoosh

    Level 245 sucks, screw candy crush for making a completely unimaginative peice of crap level designed to either push people to buy their boosters or give them a wake-up call to uninstall a game app that has as much relevance as a conversation with a house plant or a fresh coat of wet paint on your bathroom wall

  • Pat Fraisl

    I just made it through this level after only a couple of days. If I can do it, you all can. I just kept resetting the board until I could make a wrapped candy with my first move and it finally worked out. Don’t give up!

  • JoAnne

    I’m on 245 for 6 weeks. No boosters, you won’t let me use all the lives that are given to me and what good are the color bombs? I need help.

  • JoAnne

    There are either all stripes or all wrapped; seldom both available.

  • mike

    I’ve made 4 combos 5 times this level is just frustrating.

  • Isobel Baird

    Don’t give up neighbours I just got it Level 245. I thought it was impossible but it’s not as I got it. It took me weeks and I did not play the 5 games every time as it was so frustrating, but I just kept trying and lo and behold it all came together. Stck in there. Good luck

  • Peter

    I tried to complete this level more than 3 weeks. Enough. I deleted this game. A game should be fun. But this is not fun anymore. It is boring. I fubd a better game ^^,

  • Gwen Loeffler Martino

    I am frustrated trying to get wrapped candies then have them blow up. It should be fun! They just made it too hard. I am playing less now. I like Charm King, Farm Heroes, Juice Cubes and Forest Mania. They are challenging but not impossible.

  • nano

    Fuck the cunt that designed this fucking level. I hate him….fuck u ur asshole mother fucker….

  • Alice Williams

    well after reading all these comments I don’t feel so stupid for still being on level 245. It seems so impossible to combine the wrapped and striped candies once, little lone 5 times. I have studied the cheat tips, and they make it sound SO easy..I won’t give up just yet (only been on it 1 1/2 weeks)..I have found most times it’s a matter of getting the right board, but this level I’m not so sure of this being the case..I also can’t imagine being on the same level for months, where is the fun in that??? I shall see I suppose, I will come back here and post when I beat this level :)

  • RezRising

    I swear King is monitoring my internet bc whenever a few weeks go by when Im stuck on a level, I come here and read the “tips”, and read the complaints, then I always beat the level right after. Just happened again. I got a little lucky, but going slow, starting with a ready made wrapper, and thinking a lot got me through it. Good luck to all. DONT SPEND MONEY! :)

  • Abdal Jahangir

    i am stuck on this last cherry not coming help me i am tired

  • Luba Gallinger

    So, I’ve been here for a couple of weeks. I’m sure I beat this level yesterday and here I am again. It really helps to read your comments to know we’re all frustrated. I feel much better. It is just a game and, guess what, you just progress to another level that frustrates you also. Some days I completed 3 levels and wasn’t even sure why, so it gives you a break once in a while and I haven’t read any complaints about that! So it’s raining and here goes.
    I only spent .99 on level 70 but never again.

  • Jean B

    I hate this level. My husband is tired of hearing me scream m..f…er.

  • Jean B

    OMG! I was so over this level last night. Got the freaking thing on 2nd try this afternoon.

  • Mayor of Merritt Island

    I just passed level 245 no money spent….had lots of color bombs that kept the screen moving to make those hard to get wrapped candies….perseverance and LOTS of patience!!!

  • Charles Lindberg

    I thought i’d seen it all but this level i think has really got me wanting to quit playing candy crush, been so mad i couldn’t see straight so many times i can’t count em, but i still persisted…….this level i think is the straw that is going to break the camel’s back………I really haven’t even tried that hard to beat it, i’m just tired of the constant “impossible” boards that they throw at you, threatened to quit a hundred times but this time i think i’m done…….have fun everyone…….see ya……..

  • allewellyn

    are there instructions on how to get wrapped candy? I can’t remember….

  • Joseph Picarello

    just started level 245 24hrs ago, i can see i am in for along hall.,sounds like paying money takes the challege out of the gam. they r making enough money from us. chow for now i will keep u updated.

  • Bill Westen

    I was stuck at this level for about 3 days. I finally cleared it today. This is one of those levels where you need some luck. I was able to make the wrapped candies and for the final combo i did use the swap non matching candies booster. I got that from the daily booster wheel. I havent spent a dime on this game yet, although my 8 year old daughter did spend about 70 bucks when she got on my account last year. Luckily, i was able to dispute the charges and get a refund.

  • guest

    I’m getting tired of this level.been on it off and on for a month.I’m in dream world now and can’t get to new level till I pass level 245 .just when I have 1 combo left I run out of moves or get blown up.this level I’m stuck in both worlds

  • joyce

    why make level 245 so hard i really will have to give this game the boot .how they can call this fun is a joke.

  • Kim Hobday

    Unbelievable…I just came onto this site to find out how to get through level 245 without paying, just went back to Candy Crush and sailed through 245 after being stuck there for 2 months!!!! They must have realised I was getting seriously pissed off and about to delete the game!! In can be done and without paying but not by skill unfortunately, just luck this time that all the sweets came up easily!! X

  • joyce

    i am going to quit this game ,and find a game thats fun to play.

  • joyce

    please please some one help me pass level 245 ,i really enjoy this game and don,t really want to leave the game .

  • my_sharona

    Took me a couple of days and 4 lollipop hammers on the winning try, but I did beat this level with 10 moves left. It is useful to think of it as a challenge to learn how to make wrapped candies more readily. Don’t give up, and just really focus on making wrapped candies. It helps to have free lollipop and/or hand boosters saved up. Sprinkle candies can also be used to strategically set up candies beside each other by clearing a color in the way.

  • joyce

    level 245 please help me x

  • disqus_yGgrfWGxCi

    I have officially resigned from Candy Crush. Level 245 is next to impossible !!!

  • kaemicha

    Good advice here, people. Last summer I got frustrated and started paying and I felt sick about it. Really. It’s a silly internet game that was getting my money. So wrong, so I quit doing that..but not until I spent a good amount.
    I’m not proud of that but I’m not a gambler and I got sucked again, I’m glad to read most all who’ve posted have had the good sense to not pay BUT if someone will get me past level 245, I may pay you! :)

  • Cynthia Anastasia Zurla

    I’ve been stuck since June. I am sick of this level.

  • Linda

    I just did this level and got all 5 but on the final one they didn’t let it count?
    Who’s cheating now?

  • Linda

    Once again I got a combination and it didn’t count perhaps this is a level where they weed out the non payers!

  • S.

    Follow these instructions and you can beat this level in no time!

    * do not worry about making the wrapped candies! focuse on making the stripped candies and eliminating the bombs soon they appear

    * make as many stripped candies you can and try to align the next to each other. Then, combine them to have a big swap and the wrapped candies will fall down and you will have a bunch of wrapped and stripped candies to combine more easily

    * to achieve the above, also extend your number of lives forwarding your clock, so you don’t need to wait 30 minutes to get more lives

    * DO eliminate the bombs soon they appear or they will be isolated and detonate fast, unless you can combined stripped candies to wipe them out

    I don’t buy anything and I did finish this level in a day of playing, once I figured out the stripped candies combo was the key to beat it.

    Good luck!

  • Pat

    Do the color bombs serve any really purpose? And also, what are the check mark candies for?

  • Geraldine Ciurca

    Someone mentioned “free lollipops”—how do I get free ones?

  • Hailey

    Hi guys,
    So I was like many of you and gave up… 1 year later I rejoined the battle because of my work being super slow! LOL. Anyways, I noticed my facebook account skipped the level and let me play the next levels?? So odd., However on my phone I couldn’t play the current level 256.. I had to beat this.. SO I bucked down. Looked up any “stratagies” realised there really isn’t any, except luck. If you get a t formation within 5 moves, you are on track to beating the level.. anytime I got to about 25 moves left, I would quit and start over again, maybe to some of you this is bad advice, but if you have to get five and half of your moves are gone it’s easier to start over! Trust me! Beat it today on my 4th try. Good luck… wrapped candy is the key! Try making the formations.. DO NOT make stripped until the wrapped candies are made!!

  • mitchellvii

    FINALLY! Finished this damned level. Had one combo to go with 4 moves left and thought I was once again going to be denied. Right at the last moment I noticed a setup for a wrap. Then to my amazement, there was a setup for a stripe right next to it. Final move I beat this demon spawn level.

    By far the hardest most maddening level so far in this game.

    A tip? Focus on the middle of the board. Try to always take something from the middle 3 columns every move and you’ll make a lot more wraps. Also fire cookies immediately to remove a color from the board.

  • Melanie Pierluigi

    This level is all about perseverance and luck. I had been on it for about three months before I finally beat it. I had only 3 moves with 1 combo left to create when I just happened to miraculously get a wrapped candy with a stripped above it and with only 2 moves left I beat it! It was 100% luck. So if you stay with it, eventually you will win

  • Pearl Thompson

    I have tried for such a long time the most wrap and stipes I got together are four so tired of this level

  • paul kelly

    on my third go i got four striped candy and wrapped candy only 14 moves to go i nearly had the striped candy and wrapped candy nearly together and it all collapsed i don,t believe it

  • paul kelly

    i have just done this level about 25 goes if you get stuck on this level don,t give up you will do it

  • Pearl Thompson

    I am so done if I don’t get pass tonight I will tell my friend not to ask for livees or help there feeling the same level 245 is stupid I cant get 3 candy srips and wrap let alone 5 I have tried for so long this is last day for me before I delete this game forever

  • Lillian Coleman Parker

    This is the stupidest level I have played, wrapped candies are blown up as fast as I make them. Then when wrapped candies are finally made if is hard to make stripped candies. I have been trying for weeks and will delete this game soon, tired of this
    ridiculous level, it’s no fun any more. Level 245!

  • Irena Mayhew

    I’ve been on 245 for 2 months and am having the same problems you all are talking about! HOW DO YOU GET THE WRAPPED CANDIES????????
    About to give up….but I LOVE this game!! :( :( :( :( :(