Candy Crush Level 256 Cheats and Tips

Here are all the tips, cheats and strategies for Candy Crush Level 256. In this level, you need to clear all the jelly in only 25 moves and get at least 30,000 points. Candy Crush Saga Level 256 can be tricky but follow these cheats, tips and guides and you’ll be sugar crushing in no time!

Candy Crush Level 256 Cheats

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Level 256 Cheat #1: Work off the left hand side first. Next >>



  • On this board, you are going to want to keep resetting until you get a decent enough left-hand side.
  • You should be able to clear 90% of the left-hand side before moving to the right.  Unlike other Candy Crush jelly levels, the candies on the left-hand side do not replace themselves.  This means that when there are no more moves, there are no more moves!