Candy Crush Level 285 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 285 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 285 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 285 is to clear all the jelly in 60 moves and get at least 65,000 points.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 285.

Level 285 Cheat #1: Get the visible jelly first.

candy crush level 285
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  • As tempting as it may be to go for the outlying meringues, don’t focus on them too much. You don’t get a lot of moves in this level considering the obstacles in place. Let striped candies and other combinations take care of the first few layers of the outlying multi-layered meringues.
  • Instead, focus on the visible jelly at first.

  • cheryl sylvia

    Omg I buy lives to keep playing when I feel like it , but never buy to get beyond the level…this is prob the one I’m gonna end up paying to beat this impossible level…ps evryytime I post that it’s impossible/diff, I go back to beat the level, wish me luck :/

    • Krfstk

      people like you are the reason why everything is pay 2 win these day’s

      • cheryl sylvia

        What do you mean “people like me ” ? Did you not know by this level. It’s pay as you go ? And I did beat the level. Fot

        • amanda

          I have never once paid for candy crush and am on this level ypu do know there is a way to keep resetting your lives right ….. if u haven’t figured that out by this level

          • cheryl sylvia

            I guess not, pretty much wait for refresh, play dream land …what am I missing?

          • amanda

            If you go on your phones time settings set it for the next day open up candy crush exit candy crush go back to phone settings and change time back to regular time go into candy crush wala 5 more lives

          • cheryl sylvia

            I play on kindle

          • cheryl sylvia

            Gonna stop posting, I hoped to help “newbies”like me lookin for hints but sick of the @ss whooping :(

          • Julie

            Dont give up, ive never paid for any lives, there is always a way to win, i have an i pad and i can reset my board till i get a good one, keep trying dont listen to negativaties.

      • cheryl sylvia

        For free.

        Sorry. For free

  • Gigi G.

    Why would anyone pay for extra lives when you just change time in settings. Maybe they mean they pay for extra moves?

    • Judy Ann Blake

      I have never paid for anything and have never reset board—and am on this level——sometimes play on tablet and sometimes laptop—-every level is different. Some levels harder than others—-find I win when i am not trying so hard and doing it for fun. I DO use candy-crush cheats—-but no money spent.

  • Clive B.

    Just beat it! The only way is color bombs with stripped.

  • Strugis

    Try to send your wrapped candies to the bottom row. When you get them to explode, they will take out the corners and middle one underneath.

    • nhmcg

      I appreciate that hint about the wrapped candy. I have to admit I haven’t paid for anything nor have I spun any wheel for extra help. Don’t know why but i got the hammer or lollipops or whatever in the very beginning but haven’t even had that help other than the first couple of games. :-(. Niece is telling me to quit the game and then download it again for the extra help. I just plod along and luck has got me this far

      • Carla Moore

        Spin the wheel to get lollipops or different boosters free every day.

  • Liz Ham


  • Ava

    Got it on the 3rd try. Had 4 moves left. I DO NOT spend money on candy crush. I play on my kindle and can not do the changing time to get more lives. If anyone knows how to do it on kindle fire I would love to know how. There are levels that require some planning and maneuvering but I believe a lot of the time it’s just luck. Check your board and if it’s not a good starting board back out and try again. Relax and have fun with it. I am able to spin the wheel once daily for free items. Save these and only use them when you have to. This can make a big difference in whether or not you can win on the very hard levels.

  • Michael Reynolds

    Cheryl Sylvia, at this level you are not a newbie. Also play on a kindle fire.. Use
    The wheel, and hang in. This sight has helped a great deal.

  • Michael Reynolds

    Why do we not have CC Soda for the kindle?

  • Monaco

    Phew! Finished at last. just 1 move left. These hints were really useful. You absolutely need to focus on clearing the jelly only, don’t even need to think about meringues. They will be cleared on the way. Most important thing is keep jelly fish to clear the bottom row jellies. Don’t use them until you clear all the jellies on the middle.