Candy Crush Level 342 Cheats and Tips

Here are all the tips, cheats and strategies for Candy Crush Level 342.  In  this level, known as one of the most difficult in Candy Crush, you have 25 moves to clear 14 jelly squares and get at least 40,000 points. Follow these cheats, tips and guides if you are stuck of level 342 of Candy Crush and you’ll be sugar crushing in no time!

Candy Crush Level 342 Cheats

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Level 342 Cheat #1: Top jellies first.


  • Level 342 is one of the trickiest Candy Crush levels out there–mostly because you don’t know where the jellies are that you’re trying to clear! That’s why it’s imperative to first take care of the jellies you can see. There are six jellies (three double layered) at the top of this board, clear those first before moving onto the layered meringues.



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