Candy Crush Level 361 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 361 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 361 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 361 is to bring down 2 hazelnuts and 2 cherries and score at least 40,000 points in 45 moves or fewer.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 361.

Level 361 Cheat #1: Move ingredients to exit columns.

candy crush level 361
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  • With chocolate dispensers and two-layer meringues, this level makes bringing down ingredients surprisingly difficult.
  • Your first priority is to get the ingredients away from the sides of the board where they face the most resistance.
  • Clear up some space with striped/wrapped candy combos and move your ingredients into the proper columns.

  • Ben

    Any more tips for this level seems just about impossible

    • Jenifer Lee

      I agree this level is very difficult. I used 2 coconut wheel boosters and had 1 fruit to bring down and I ran out of moves. Look on the bright side this level is nothing compared to NIGHTMARE ON LEVEL 350

      • Fozi Az

        hahaha .. ya .. i agree with you .. there’s nothing compared to level 350 😀

      • RushRobot

        Yeh… was elated when I completed Level-350 after about a month of trying.

      • Rock City Clasher

        350 was awful and I nearly quit at that one. This one might just break me.

      • Carlos

        I did 350 in one day, this is different.

      • Jack

        twas easy once you read the hints, mainly clearing the jelly without using most of your fishies. and then like most levels a little luck at the end.

  • Veronica Zweben

    I thought it was nearly impossible too and was thinking of stopping playing because the level was so boring. You never get close to winning and you feel there is not much you can do. I kept playing a few times a day and today I was playing but I was distracted and somehow the last couple of items were in a cleared column and fell down and much to my surprise the level was conquered. . I think it’s mostly the luck of the board.

    • RushRobot

      Definitely agree. The first dozen or so levels of the game require a tiny bit of attention; however, after that the game turns into about a 99% luck-fest.

    • Geertje

      Luck – It’s like that with most of the difficult levels. But it certainly gets boring after a while.

  • Steve Blackmore

    Cannot do this level ,not getting anywhere even close. May give up.

  • Rock City Clasher

    I get the feeling this will be the level that breaks me. Days and days, hundreds of games on PC and phone. Boring level, at my limit of patience with it.

  • Sarah Moreira Utzig

    Stupid, boring and annoying. This is the kind of level that makes me want to stop wasting my time with this silly game.

    • Nova Marie Turner


  • Linda

    I love the stupid hint above…just move the ingredients from the side…like it’s simple to do. Using all my moves just to keep the chocolate from gobbling everything up. Yup, this may be the time to quit.

  • Punit

    many my friends already stuck on this level. I think it is not possible. now this game is not for fun and time pass. it will irritate.

  • Lea Cavanagh

    Boring fed up… No more CC for me :-(

  • RJ Pisscat

    I solved 361 yesterday after a couple of weeks or more, and had 10 moves left to expel the fourth ingredient. The victory came through deliberate play and a full dose of outstanding luck that is required for many of the levels (like 73 on Moonstruck, which took me about 3 months).

    The ingredients enter the board in exit columns. There is no need to move them horizontally, but I did when the strategy warranted, because I found usually I could move them back without a fuss. Just don’t move them to an edge.

    I would move them if that would create a candy ball or wrapped candy, or a play that would knock out merengue in an exit column.

    From the first turn I aggressively attacked the merengue. All of it. Chocolate be damned. I’ll attack that, too.

    I dropped wrapped candies on top of chocolate fountains, then blowed them up real good, which takes out lots of merengue. Candy ball plus striped candy combinations are still powerful, but deprecated on this level due to its smallish size, so I was willing to give up on trying to create candy balls, or to match candy balls with stripes, when there were more reliable opportunities to break up the blockage at the bottom and bring ingredients closer to the exits.

    When it’s time for an ingredient to drop (someone help me, is it at 45 / 30 / 15?) try to make a move over a column that is cleared of merengue (chocolate doesn’t matter), because the next ingredient drops from the column nearest the most recent activity.

    In my winning game, three of the four exits were open when I knocked out the third ingredient. The fourth doesn’t fall into play until the first three are removed, or the last turn of the game, whichever happens first. I was aware when I dropped the third ingredient that the next move would drop an ingredient. I scouted the three unclogged exits for which one might most likely let me build a striped over it, or where I could knock out candies by hand to get the ingredient close to the exit. With 2 turns left, the final candy sought its exit after a trembling hand guided a striped candy into a combustible situation above it.

    I think I should get a parade. Wait, there’s one this weekend.

    • Mayu Creelman

      Well done. I was wondering about most of the things you mentioned doing.

  • Rick

    Been playing this for 2 weeks now and not even close to completion!!!very frustrating

  • Navy Maurya

    Had similar thoughts of leaving Candy Crush too…
    Failed to clear on mobile for weeks & right now cleared in first attempt from laptop 😀

  • Norma Gomez

    I just passed this level. I was startled because while playing, I glanced at the side and saw the two check marks next to the ingredients indicating I passed the level. Study the video, ignore the chocolates as you first try to break top rows. Bring down ingredients, make vertical and horizontal stripes (very good and help clear meringues on bottom) Do not let chocs grow too much. Best moves are those that lead to wrapped/stripes exploding near bottom near ingredient. It took awhile to even get one ingredient down, but to calm frustration, celebrate when you get one ingredien,t because it means you are close to passing the level and getting better at it. Yes, this is one of the most boring levels.

  • Norma Gomez

    I just passed this level. No more moves on phone, so I went to laptop. You will have five extra points and combat boredom/frustration of this level. While glancing on the side, I was startled to see the check marks next to ingredients appear. It went so fast. After weeks of getting nowhere and bored to death, I looked at the video. I noticed the player mostly played on one side, while chocs grew on the other side. I concentrated first on clearing first rows on top horizontally. You might notice that there are 3 same color ingredients or opportunities to get as closed to bottom. Try to seize opportunities to make vertical and horizontal stripes ( very good to clear meringue layers. Bring ingredients down. Wrapped/stripped near bottom are the best moves to clear many.

  • Starshine

    It seems as though this game is mostly luck. I just keep playing each level until I eventually win. It may take one try or 100, but eventually you get a good board, and you win. Or maybe the powers that be just let you win after a certain amount of time. lol

  • Sher

    Work on 2 (or 3) wrapped/striped combos to wipe out all of the growing chocolate and clear the bottom rows. That will leave you with enough moves to line up vertical striped candies to drop the ingredients. That and the luck of the layout…

  • BusyBee49

    I have been on this level for three weeks. I would willingly spend money to get past it but I am not getting near enough to purchase anything meaningful. After three weeks of concentrated effort I have only managed to get one ingrediant down on a couple of occasions. I have found this Candy Crush fun and I been happy to spend money along the way for the continuation of my pleasure and enjoyment but I think this will be where I have to bow out. Maybe you should look at this level again King?

    • Nova Marie Turner

      Absolutely agree busybee!

  • Linda

    They know when you are ready to quit and give Mercy on you … they think you are going to “buy” something and when then realize you aren’t … they move you to the next level … this game sucks and I don’t know why I play it ..Oh …. I need a life… LOL!

  • Mia Olenderkiewicz Woodcock

    Honest it can be done!!!! but it’s all the luck of the board. I just cracked it but it certainly wasn’t my skills – I was side tracked by my dog LOL………. then the board lit up and it was complete x If I can do it then anyone can!

  • Linda

    All levels suck … they want you to buy boosters to finish … which I refuse to do … eventually it must be programmed after so many games to let you beat it … when they know you are ready to quit … to let you move on!

    • Rick O’Daniel

      Linda, you are right on the money… These guys are sitting in their cubicles laughing their butts off at how they’ve got this thing tweaked to frustrate us into paying them. It ain’t gonna happen! They control what drops from the top and they are not going to let you go any further because they’ve determined that you’re not making them any money! Ha! This isn’t a game…. its a con!

  • jakaroo

    If I haven’t done it in a week, I want to just move onto the next level because it becomes very boring and frustrating! This is my 2nd week on this stupid level!

  • Ricky

    Initially this stage seemed very easy but these chocolate dispensers eat up all the stripped and wrapped candies really very irritating. :-(

  • Graham Smith

    I agree with most of the ” Players ” here , 99% of the time I have got to the last move and TWO of the items have not even appeared on the screen ! How are you supposed to do it ?? ” Ah Ha ” ….. What they want you to do = Pay Pal – Buy something to get through ………STUFF IT !

  • Geertje

    I have played this level now for a few days and am so peeved at how often I have 5/6 striped candies and cannot set them off because they never match with their color. Such a big board and yet so few options to do anything. I will never ever eat chocolate again! :-)

  • Geertje

    I did it!!! Suddenly they aligned and flew through. Not a high score but…it’s done! It took in the end less than a week but what a boring level!

  • RIck

    I have been stuck on this level for weeks and cannot beat it. The last ingredient doesn’t drop down until the last turn of the game! How are you supposed to get it to the bottom???

  • Marie Woodhead

    Was stuck on this level for ages. Finally passed it but has to use 6 lollipop hammers to smash the candies in the way!

  • rainbowwarrior

    What is happening with this Facebook update crap…I hate it…any comments?

  • MT

    Hate this level. Am about to give up on this game now. Even using all of my saved up items from the wheel with extra lives, I don’t even get close to beating it. It isn’t worth it when it is just a big luck fest.

  • Jack

    lol every hard level there’s the doom sayers, they be back.

  • Laurie Culhane

    So done with Level 361 – Cookie Jam is much better – Bye Bye Candy Crush…
    Been here way to long….

  • soficar

    Think I’ll stop my journey there. At this level for weeks, no matter how you do it; it NEVER works :(

  • Jammy Monsoon Born

    fuck this level so boring stuck from 7 days

  • Dave Lathrop

    This isn’t a fucking “cheat”… it’s goddamn common sense, and even that won’t help you get through this. It’s all luck, and nothing but luck. Sure, they can show you how they did it with the “neener neener” bullshit, but they can’t tell you what to do. I’ve been on this level for months, and never got close to getting through it. I’ve got something I’d like to crush, and it sure as fuck isn’t candy…

  • Vaibhav Nigam

    I was stuck too but then understood the trick to play. You just need to concentrate on column where you find your first ingredient. Advantage here is that if you are able to get one ingredient out of board, next will appear in same column. And since your moves are focussed on same column or nearby, chocolates will never accumulate in this region and your chances of being stuck are minimal.
    Try and see if u win. I have won with 8 moves remaining.

  • Andrew Trowbridge

    This level is beyond dumb… This game has gotten to a point where it’s not even fun. I don’t mind a challenge, playing a level for a day or two, but this is ridiculous. I’ve only ever been close to beating it once… I have power ups and stuff but I’m not even sure how they would be helpful. Either the chocolate takes over, or the ingredients are at the bottom in the way of busting the obstacles… Beyond frustrating

  • krissy

    Ever since they did some update or the game looks different this level now seems to be even harder and the chocolates come out twice as fast ridiculous and impossible.

  • rosalie

    giving up on this level so boring!!

  • 123realitycheck

    Here is a much more useful tip for everyone. I log on here for tips if I have a hard level after about a week of trying. I just logged on, read everything, and left saying oh well, keep trying. I played it again once more and just cleared it with 81k points (total luck). However, I did notice something important. I had moved an ingredient on top of the chocolate generator 2nd to the left. I figured that one was a bad move, but then when I cleared that area with a wrapped and stripped combo the ingredient moved left and fell through before the candies fell in behind it! I also got lucky after and had a color bomb next to a stripped and that cleared the rest of the merengue and the last ingredient fell right through.

    • Elsbeth Ritz

      Thank you 123reality check! I’ve been trying for weeks to solve this. I tried your trick and although I couldn’t get it exactly, it worked. Such a huge relief. I was about to quit the game.

  • Leslo64

    I was stuck on level 350 for about 2 months. I was over it. I saved all my bonuses and used 4 lollipop hammers on the bloody thing. Now I’ve got the same on this level. The closest I’ve come is 2 ingredients left. It’s becoming a bit boring.

  • cheryl sylvia

    Wow, I can’t even begin to express my frustration, anger and disappointment with this level! First because it really effing sucks , been stuck for months, can’t find a way to beat it, but I just discovered since the upgrade to my kindle a couple of weeks ago I lose lives if I switch to dream land! I left the level due to frustration, I had 1 life left, played all 5 in dream land and when I switched back my life was gone, also no life count anymore on the circle icon I see in my upper right hand corner. You don’t get 5 &5 lives any more, really? (Boy u can’t curse anymore either on this post? Daymmm

    • cheryl sylvia

      With a capital F

  • Liz Ham

    Boring…. Other games are more fun and NO $$$$$

  • Liz Ham

    I got the strategy ! Spend $30.00 trying to win then they LET you win!

  • Liz Ham

    Can’t get excited about the game anymore…. Blah to this level. Nothing fun about pushing around little dots all day for the past month!

  • Avab

    This level really had me stumped too.I thought it would be the one that made me spend money on this game. However it did not come to that. Here are a few big tips that might help. Number one: double wrapped candy combos work best on this level.get them low down on the board. They have a huge impact, and clear those bottom two rows quickly.this is a level where wrapped candies are pretty easy to create. Number two: The other extremely helpful combo to create is the confetti ball striped candy combo. Also fairly easy to create on this level and extremely helpful by both clearing a needed isle and knocking out chocolate. Number three: Every move counts. Look at the entire board and make the most valuable swap. Number four: Try not to move ingredients too much. Only move them if absolutely necessary. They already fall from the open’s easier to just leave them there and do your best to work around them. Lastly…spin that damn wheel every day, and keep a lolly pop hammer on the side if you can. It could just win you the game. Hope this helps, good luck!

  • rienafairefr

    I beat it using this strategy:
    Rollback the level until you get a fruit in the second exit column either from the left or from the right
    At the same time, you should also have the possibility to make a vertical striped candy in that column, in not more than 1-2 moves.
    Then, focus on making vertical striped candy in that column, nothing else matters. Chocolate fills the other side of the level ? Don’t care. Not in any circumstances should you make the other fruit dispensers move and dispense a fruit in another column than the one you’re attacking.

  • jash

    I wonder if they even read these blogs. I am ready to give this level up. I have been at this level for 2 months now. :-(

  • PoopPah

    This level was so frustrating… I spent a good 3 weeks struggling with it. Read all the hints and cheats… nothing seemed to help. BUT… I beat it this morning and I wanted to share what happened and what I did.
    First, I noticed that the vertical below the first fruit had some good stacks against the merengue… and just examining the overall board, there was lots of other good setups to distract me… but what I decided on this particular game was to try something that I had not up until this point. I was going to solely focus on the vertical below the fruit… so I did and as I did, the second fruit appeared in the same vertical… I had two fruits stacked against the last licorice and low and behold the board presented a vertical stripped candy opp for me and I cleared the vertical and two orders or fruit…
    As I did this, the third appeared in the very same vertical… a few moves and I was able to move another vertical stripped candy in that column and cleared the third order…
    Lastly, the final fruit will not present until the third has been cleared and what do you know, it appeared in the same column… but, the board attacked with chocolate focused near my open flow vertical… so as I am trying to clear the last order, I also had to fight the chocolate… I have learned to hate that chocolate BTW… With 5 moves left… I was able to side move a vertical stripped candy and clear the last order!!!
    I happened so fast, I was like… huh… a bit stunned.
    This was by fare my hardest level… 350 was hard, but I came close on it many times… this one… I HAD NEVER COME CLOSE… for like 3 weeks…
    Soooo… that was my story… I saw a plan, and stayed true to that plan by focusing on that one column… and it worked… Not sure if it will work for anyone else, but… heck, worth a try. I will NOT be doing this level again…
    Moving on!!!

  • Sean Graves

    For me the game is losing its luster. I’m all for tough levels,I have some problem with the games programming. This level I haven’t played that often because I know from past experiences levels with simple layouts are designed to be hard to beat. Makes no sense to me how I can defeat levels in the 600’s but levels like this are extremely difficult. I play my fiance levels because they are better suited for skilled playing

  • Ayesha Amilon

    It’s just about luck. Don’t waste money. You’ll get through if you play enough times.

  • Julie

    A similar level to this was in the 200’s, it was boring then, as is this one, I got stuck on 347 for weeks and weeks, but it wasn’t boring like this level, I’ve only been on it a few days and it makes me weary just looking at it!!

  • Julie

    I give up, it is such a slow plodding game!!

  • Nova Marie Turner

    I am rageing on this level! I want to throw my tablet and delete the game! I wish we could even when i pass a level. It would definitely be this one! I am going to end up quitting the game because of this level. It is not fun anymore. Even when I get a good move set up, or a candy bomb, the chocolate immediately covers it! Grrrrrr!

  • Julie

    Finally done it after weeks, then did next two levels straight off!!

  • Chas

    Had enough of this – ive felt confident about getting through levels if this game but 361 has done me. Goodbye

  • Chas

    Been on this for weeks now. Just about had it , it’s not fun anymore.

  • Caren

    The level was different and easier on Facebook. There weren’t chocolate fountains ever other column.