Candy Crush Level 428 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 428 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 428 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 428 is to bring down 8 cherries, get at least 80,000 points, and do it in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 428.

Level 428 Cheat #1: Beware the Chocolate Corner!.

candy crush level 428
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  • The top-right quadrant of this level is the biggest obstacle.
  • If you can’t take care of the chocolate early, there is no way to win.
  • Chocolate will fill up the board making it impossible to get the ingredients to the bottom.
  • Restart the level if you don’t start with a match in that quadrant.

  • Nunya

    Yeah, just restart the level if you dont have a match in the chocolate corner, at the start, which never happens !! NP since you’re so giving with the lives and all. This is the stupidest level yet !!! I’m done with this game. Btw your new game sux too.

  • Dani

    i had to use a coconut wheel booster to finish the level,
    combine it with a striped candy (u’ll get more random CW while playing)
    u can still keep exiting with bosters checked until you get a match in the corner (but only on phone)

    • Gerald Shapiro

      Thanks for the tip, Dani. Coconut wheels help a lot on this level.

    • CherryPi

      Worked for me! Thanks!

  • Jeff

    Stupid level. I don’t expect games to be easy, but I do expect some sort of real strategy, not just luck. And it’s not only luck on the chocolate, it’s getting enough hits for the blocks and with all the cherries coming out and filling blocking the blocks it’s near impossible. So you basically have to get lucky you have enough moves in the chocolate box and enough moves to break each brick 3 times before the cherries block it, and there is absolutely no strategy in that. This game is about to get deleted….Thank God I haven’t spent a dime on this game.

  • Jo Kattz

    I don’t have 50 moves. This makes it much harder!

  • Anne L

    What happens when all the cherries haven’t come down b4 u run out of moves, I only had 7 and no more showed up.

  • JulieinMd

    Thank you. Yours is the first video I could actually believe it happened with no cheating. I hate this level. I’ve been on it over a month now. :(

  • Charles

    I made it pass all the chocolate and 7 cherries with 22 moves left. How bout those cheating pricks never gave me another cherry for 22 fricken moves! Call that chance??? I call it pay us and we’ll let you win! Making 900k per day is a great incentive to change chance into cheating!!!!