Candy Crush Level 434 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 434 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 434 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 434 is to clear 36 jelly squares and get at least 105,000 points in just 55 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 434.

Level 434 Cheat #1: Clear Candy Bombs.

candy crush level 434
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  • There are 12 30-move candy bombs that are covering jellies that you need to clear.
  • The 30 moves is plenty of time for you to take them out, but it is necessary to clear them.

  • sylvia

    This level is so rigged I have better odds winning at the
    The local casino. I have lost interest. BORING ànd uneventful! 12 days into this level. I have once again taken a break for a week. Shame on King for making a game so difficult its no longer fun. What else is new ? Same ole, same old repetition. You’ve lost me…sadly because I enjoy this game when it it is legit..this level does everything to !make sure you can’t win. .Too rigged agàinst the player. The thrill is gone! Tata……na back in à few months into see of odds have Gotten a bit better

    • Barbara Chapman

      I agree. In my opinion level 434 may be the hardest. It does feel rigged.

  • sylvia

    11 days into this game now. King has Miraculuously deleted all of my boosters and I can’t them back. For 12 days at a rate of 25 lives lost each day I think I’m done! This level is rigged for loss no doubt. I have only gotten past the bombs 4 times to complete the remaining moves. However, at that stage, this level WILL NOT allow you to make special candies needed to win the game. Think I will go to the casino, odds are much better and at least you get enjoyment. This game level sucks. Shame on you King!!! And double shame for taking away my boosters, the only chance in hell I would be able to win. I agree….taking a long break this time. Hopefully when I play
    It again, my boosters will be given back and this level will have changes made. Ridiculous when you just want to enjoy a game and King rigs it this bad.

  • Dar Lene Albulak

    Even the cheat experts had to use two lollipop hammers to buy their way out of this level! I’ve grown tired of levels which require nothing but dumb ass luck and/or buying your way out! There is no strategy or skill required at these levels anymore….it’s just waiting out the gods of candy crush until they finally give you the winning board! I’m genuinely sick of playing this game. Bye bye Candy Crush!

  • Louise Carey Borchardt

    I got through this level yesterday by using a fish booster to begin the game, then a lollipop hammer on my last move . Both were earned for no cost by using the daily spin, and saving them for the really hard levels. I agree this level was not fun! I had the opportunity to match a fish with a stripe. That helped, then cleared all the bombs by matching a stripe with a color bomb. I had 33 moves left at that point. Still needed to use my only lollipop hammer to clear the last jelly…all luck!

  • Jessica

    This is the only level where I’ve managed to match a color bomb with a stripe AND two sets of stripped and wrapped combos and STILL DID NOT WIN!!! I hate this level with a passion