Candy Crush Level 445 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 445 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 445 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 445 is to you have 30 moves to clear all the ingredients (1 fruit, 1 nut).

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 445.

Level 445 Cheat #1: Leave candies in the corners locked.

candy crush level 445
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  • Take a look at the diagram above. You should leave the circled candies locked. Then when you remove the cream below the lower locked candy, it will cause the blue candy to slip out between the locked candies into one of the inner columns. This is good since as you clear the meringue, you will drop the bombs down and will be able to remove them. It also means that when ingredients drop down from the left and right side, they will also move into one of the inner columns as you clear rows below. This is important since you cannot clear ingredients in the outer columns. They must be moved to an inner column.

  • Gene Carr

    Why this level sucks and KING is going down.
    Requires more luck than skill. Doesnt provide enough moves. To many turns wasted because the Greedy King only leaves 1 possible minimum option. Clearly designed to get player to spend money. Guess what KING? There are lots of much more fulfilling ways to spend than making your stock holders a profit. Many less greedy game makers are out their with better imaginations than a Tetris ripoff like KING. If you own this stock, dump it before you are left holding nothing

  • Rob Hawkins

    I’ve passed some difficult levels that just require persistence until you get some lucky drops and squeak past. But I’m going on record saying that this level is complete bullshit without boosts. I’ve gone through maybe 30 lives and have only passed the bombs on maybe 10 of them. Even once the bombs are eliminated there just aren’t enough moves to get the ingredients off.

    I think the trick to pass this level is to save up your daily spins for at least 5 lollypop hammers and 2 swaps to knock out both bombs and then focus on one side, using the swaps to move the ingredients out of the end row.

    • Shirley5412

      I was thinking this myself this evening. not enough moves given and I am on my 5th week. I think I will play one of those games they give you free hammers lol and do just what you have stated.

  • Skabetti

    This level has been a challenge for me for 4 weeks. There is too much chance, too few moves to set up strategies, and an exit pattern that’s too complicated. I can get to within 1 move of a win and the game’s over. I don’t think it’s winnable without springing for boosters or buying additional moves. In frustration this a.m., I 1.) played an entire level without ever seeing the nut or cherries; 2.) decided to use every single recommendation the game makes to see if I could finally win. Dream on; 3.) tried all the strategies listed at the C.C. websites. No go. It’s not fun anymore, so I’m going to concentrate on Monster Busters, which is a more reasonable game. Fun, too.

  • Dolphinlady695

    This level is ridiculous!!!! Even with boosters it is impossible. Not enough moves. Even if you get one fruit through the second hasn’t even showed on the board. King is only making money and doesn’t care about those of us who want to play for fun. This may be the end of Candy Crush. I am sure there are suckers who will pay to keep playing. No fun anymore.

  • Jeffrey Haynes

    Not impressed KING. Candy Crush is not fun anymore…

  • Geertje

    Do the ingredients ALWAYS start at the outside? How can you leave the candies locked as indicated and still get to the bombs? Dumb level!

  • sylvia

    This level clearly shows that King rules against the player. Not enough moves to clear this level IF you are fortunate enough to have taken out the bombs. Once again King, you have taken to fun out of gaming. I have quit for 2 months before. This level will most likely take me out of the game entirely! Too many other NON KING games that let the player have fun and actually enjoy without the frustration. Been on this level for 2 weeks….time to move on. You guys just plain suck! What were you thinking when creating this ridiculous level????

  • David Mata

    You waste so many moves by just trying to eliminate the time bombs alone. I think the best way to beat this level is by working on one side only so that both ingredients come down the same column. Once you get them both to the very bottom, use two sticky hand boosters to move them to the adjacent column to beat the level. Make sure to move the top ingredient first.


      I don’t think you have any control over which side the ingredients appear. At least I’ve never seen that–and I tried every imaginable strategy on this board!

      • David Mata

        I have since beat this level using this method. Once you clear the time bombs, focus on the side of the board with the least meringues. Hopefully they both come down on that side. Luckily I had some of those hand boosters from recently winning the jackpot. Just wait for level 463. That level makes this level look like a piece of cake. It’s easily the most hardest level I’ve encountered so far!


          I finally beat this [awful, horrible, evil] level, too. See above! But now you’ve got me wondering what I’m in for with 463. I’m on 460 right now. We’ll see…

          • David Mata

            Congrats and good luck on 463. Right now I’m on 471, which is quite similar to 445 in that you need to make a ton of moves just to destroy the time bombs and then not having enough moves thereafter to bring the ingredients down.

  • elaine

    This is the worst level EVER!! It’s beyond ridiculous!! If King wants people to continue playing they need to make this game FUN, not stressful and impossible!! I, personally, am DONE playing this crap!

  • elaine

    And I will NOT spend money on something as stupid as this!!

  • Danielle Grace Newman

    I almost beat this level (without buying anything). But my ingredient was in the corner column and I didn’t realize it until the very end that it couldn’t drop down that way. It was so sad!! I had a striped + wrapper combo, expecting to win the level, and I didn’t bc it was in the corner column. So, I think this is a good tip. I may have used a free spin-the-wheel item but I can’t remember.


    This level caused me to put the game away for FIVE MONTHS. I just couldn’t bear to look at it for another moment. I must have tried, and failed, to clear it several hundred times. When I finally tried again it was business as usual. Days went by…and no luck. I was about to say to hell with it, again!, but tried one more time. AND I DID IT!! I sat there in disbelief for a bit because I couldn’t quite grasp that after six months it was finally over.

    Bottom line, this is an AWFUL level. A diabolical, evil level whose only purpose is to get the player to spend money to defeat it. I, however, do not spend money on in-game purchases for this or any other game.

  • Karima Amer

    This game is waste of time and king make a lot of people sick and nervous for nothing but stupid game like candy crush please stop this silly game to save ur life and money the king company wants to destroy ur life

  • Pat

    Just out of interest, has anybody ever hit the jackpot on the daily spin? I never have, and the amount of days I’ve played to get up to this level, well, surely no one could be that unlucky.

    • Louise Carey Borchardt

      I’ve never hit it either. I wonder what it does!

      • Pat

        You get 3 each of the following, Lollipop hammer, colour bomb, jelly fish, free switch, striped and wrapped, coconut wheel, and lucky candy.

  • Louise Carey Borchardt

    Wow! This was a really hard level, and not fun to play either! The tip to keep the two upper corners blocked is correct. There aren’t enough moves to get both objects out of the side rows, if they come out there, and the side rows don’t have exerts. . When I finally beat this round, both objects came from the same side, this doesn’t always happen. I was able to get them both to the bottom on the second row, then with one move left I used a lollipop hammer to activate the wrapped candy in the corner. I probably played a hundred times before beating this level. I only got past both bombs about 25 times. Very frustrating level! If you can, try to make stripe/ wrapped combos.