Candy Crush Level 50 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 50 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 50 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 50 is to clear 33 jelly squares and get 33,000 points in 50 moves.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 50.

Level 50 Cheat #1: First clear locked candies.

candy crush level 50
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  • Use striped candies to clear out the locked candies in the middle. You’ll be able to take out the double jellies but not the licorice xs. To clear the licorice Xs, you need to make adjacent moves.

  • marj

    Can you do this slower???

    • Darice Davis

      When I need walk-throughs of levels to go slower or backwards, I try to find the same video on youtube with the same title or level #. The more I look at these videos, the more the skills and strategies sink in to my thought process.

  • Philly86

    Unfortunately we didn’t realize that you have to beat your best. We completed the level with an amazing game scoring 260,000 points. Now everytime we play level 50 we have to beat 260,000 points. Impossible! Have cleared all of the jellies many times but might never again get past the point total. Suggestions?
    Is there any way to clear this level and start level 50 over again? Really stuck and frustrated!

    • Hanna

      Why would you go back and play 50 if you already beat it?

      • Philly86

        Candy Crush keeps returning me to level 50. It does not move forward to 51.
        Am I doing something wrong?

        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Candy Crush Level 50 Cheats and Tips

    • Beef curtains

      Hey Philly,

      Try uninstalling the game and then downloading again. You will find you are able to move on then.

      • Cathie Brixey

        No, I uninstalled, and downloaded again, now I have to start all over with level 1! Dang!!!

        • Dvd Dvd

          you idiot

    • budisgod

      Beat your score. One try

  • Sharon Romero

    Did u ever get past level 50? Can’t get past it and I’ve cleared everything several times but it will not advance to level 51. :( please help

    • simon

      You have to connect to your friends through facebook whom are playing candy crush to sent you tickets. Once you receive 3 tickets, then you will get push forward.

    • Maureen Snyder

      Don’t keep clicking on the 50 click on the plain circle beyond it and you can buy a ticket and off you go to 51. Took me a Long time to figute that out!

      • Caro

        This is the right answer!

      • Cerrie Madden

        What plain circle? the next bit is the train and ticket circle, which it wont allow me to click on….help!!

        • Tina Ball

          I’m stuck at the same spot. I guess we just pay .99 to unlock!!

  • Barbara

    I have been on level 50 for days now. I followed the cheats and still can’t get pass it. When I’m almost cleared like needing two more moves, the games ends. It’s frustrating.

    • Darice Davis

      I’ve been playing games similar to C.C. (on grids) like Bejeweled, Jewel Quest, various versions of Mahjong for a while. Keep failing and retrying. Natural skills develop i.e. ability to see moves ahead, etc. from practice. And, don’t give up! Eventually, you will move on. In the meantime, enjoy the process is my approach.

  • Barbara

    Believe it or not I just completed level 50. (2/11/14 12:50 p.m.) Don’t know how but I’m glad it’s done. I don’t have any friends so I have to complete the 3 games to move on to the next level.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Congrats on your win Barbara!

  • mitchellvii

    Wow, Level 50 is BY FAR the hardest level yet. I have had games with combinaton donut holes and stripies and had only 4 jellies left with 30 moves to go and still couldn’t clear them. The game gives you literally no workable options. When I’m not lucky enough to get a donut hole combo there are games where for 40 turns there is only a single move possible each turn and none of them useful. It’s not that I’m making bad moves, I’m making the only moves there are.

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hi friendo, are you still having trouble?

  • Denise Sebra

    I too have cleared level 50 twice, but cannot get to level 51. What’s up? You know how on a previous level promotion it either makes you pay or ask friends, there is no message with this level. I’m just stuck here. HELP!!!!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hi Denise, are you still having this problem?

  • Barbara

    Ok, I’m on level 62 now and is having problems getting through it. It’s been a couple of days now.

  • Connoe

    I beat 50 but it want let me go on it keeps telling me to complete another saga. Not sure what to do

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Hmm, have you tried updating your game?

  • Barbara

    Ha, ha! I’m on level 65 now. Working it!

  • malbru

    Level 50 keeps raising score to beat. Finally pâssed 200 000 and now it wants me to beat 207 000. WTF – Whats up with that? what do I need to do

  • Susanne Moore

    I got 264,000 on level 50 and now I just can’t beat that score. I have cleared all the jellies already (it seems like) hundreds of times but I just can’t move on! Can anyone help, the biggest score I can get is 200,000

    • Maureen Snyder

      Try my tip see above

    • Darice Davis

      Have you asked for “Friends” on Face Book to send you lives, tips, etc. to help? C.C. seems to encourage this kind of use of web social networking apps to encourage more use … I’d keep trying … eventually you will unlock this level. I Google the level number I get stuck on and it brings up 5-6 sites I find helpful. I read them and try to practice their suggestions on my next go around at the level.

      Seems like there is a cumulative skill level thing going on .. but I’m not paying attention to that … I’m just having fun!

      • Cynthia Lawson

        I don’t have friends playing candy crush and don’t want to pay! Help!

  • teresa

    How do you move forward to level 51 with out paying or face book friends help?

  • Lesley Scott

    Well this is one way to get me to spend less time playing games! I repeatedly can’t get rid of the last jelly because the boards don’t give a choice of moves or if they do it’s because neither of them are helpful. I refuse to pay so I’ll just have to try and win the Jackpot of freebie boosters instead!

  • Lesley Scott

    Well, This is one way to get me to stop playing games on the computer. I repeatedly can’t get rid of the last jelly because there’s no choice of moves or any helpful moves at all. I refuse to pay so I’ll just have to see if I can spin the wheel and win the jackpot of freebie boosters instead!

  • Golalalala

    how to just clear it

  • juju

    I’ve beat level 50 many times. Cannot advance and will not pay. Farewell candy crush!

  • Pia

    Please help! I have managed to beat the level 215 but after a few minutes i saw that it returned to normal where I have to play it again! And it’s hard to get past that level!

  • Aspholessaria

    Thse are described as cheats. They are not! They are hints. If the candies do not fall right there is no way you can apply these hints. Also, they are self-evident to anyone with half a brain cell. I have been playing level 50 for days now, using these techniques. I find that if I can actually create a special candy I cannot use it as there are no same coloured ones in the vicinity. I am about ready to give up on Candy Crush altogether.

  • sadha

    i completed 50 levels bt m unable to go for nextlevel 51.can u plz help me out. n show me how to get from others.

  • sadha

    i succesfuly completed 50th level bt m unable 2 go to the nect levrl can u plz help me out to go next leveln show hw 2 collect d qest from others

  • sushil

    Candy Crush keeps returning me to level 50. It does not move forward to 51.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    Subject: Re: New comment posted on Candy Crush Level 50 Cheats and Tips

  • Karen

    Little did I know that you have to beat your own score on level 50. Unfortunately I scored 584,000 plus…can’t beat that….guess I won’t be playing candy crush anymore. Too bad….I like the game

  • Fanfic

    All of these answers are people trying to throw you off. The correct answer is below from Maureen Snyder. Do not continue clicking on level 50, click beyond it and you will be prompted to play quests to move on to the next series of levels