Candy Crush Level 95 Cheats and Tips

How do you beat Candy Crush level 95? These Candy Crush level 95 cheats and tips will tell you how to pass this hard ingredient level. You must clear two ingredients in this level by using teleport areas at the bottom of the stage. But don’t worry because these cheats and tips will get you through level 95 of Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Level 95 Cheats

Level 95 Cheat #1: Align ingredients in teleport columns early.
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  • This level is tricky because there is limited area to make matches. You need to drop your ingredients to the columns with a teleport area. Then you need to teleport them to the left or right columns, which are the only places that can clear ingredients. It will really help to first position your ingredients in the 3rd and 5th column (where the teleports are) before you start dropping them. If you get them stuck in the column with no teleport, you will need to waste precious moves to get them to the right column.




  • Dianne Haagsman

    I would like to know how you collect the extra lives that your friends gift to you

    • Kelly Caldwell

      I have never been able to collect the lives my friends give me. I think it is a glitch in the game because no one else I know can collect them either. If you find out…please let me know because I have had hundreds of extra lives just wasted because I can’t collect them. Thanks

      • Virginia Llorca

        If you have accepted, they will just be there at the start. Like 53 instead of 50. You don’t have to go get them. There might also be a bow (ribbon) on the start jelly bean.

        • Dianne Haagsman

          that does not happen on my game and on those of my friends

          • Virginia Llorca

            I have t mobile on Galaxy four..i also play on my iphone that now gets only wi fi. Same sign in to game.
            One is level 90. The other 93. My pc says 90. Different OS. My daughter has verizon on galaxy 3. I can mark texts spam. She can’t. Cant think of any other reason but different OS. Keep posting question and maybe get more answers.

    • Nunya Bizzness

      You’ve probably figured this question out already, but just in case there is someone in the future with the same question, I’ll continue: In order to collect the lives your Facebook friends gift you, DO NOT accept them if you have a complete set of lives. Only accept them when you are completely out of lives. For instance, you open up your Candy Crush app and have your full set of lives (5), if you accept the lives right away, you will lose them – it won’t give you 6+ lives. For some reason, the app won’t let you have more than 5 lives at a time. Wait until you are completely out of lives, and THEN go accept them. Once you accept them at that time, they should show up then and you can continue to play. (If 3 Facebook friends have sent you 3 lives, the lives (the 3) should show up then after you accept them.) I really hope my answer makes sense, LOL. I tend to ramble when explaining things. :)

  • Alis Checovich

    I clock on the envelope and choose the lives, you can also accept them when you have 4 life’s or less if you have 5 lives and you acept them it won’t worked and you will loose them

  • Sandra Meador

    I just can’t get the strategy on this one. I need something simpler to explain it. The videos don’t have sound so it’s hard to figure out what it just did.

  • Sandra Meador

    I am giving up on Candy Crush Sage. I can’t get past level 95. I’ve had it.

  • William Polk

    Has anyone found out how to get the game to progress on level 95 when it says level complete?

    • Tonya Lyn McDowell

      Yea you have to play the mistery quests or pay or get fb friends to send you tickets to the next level.

  • Pam

    Yeah – like how do you get the ingredients to drop once they’re in the outside columns? It’s not clear how you do that.

    • Tonya Lyn McDowell

      Once they are in the columns you want to make special candies, striped candies, striped and wraped candies

  • Tonya Lyn McDowell

    Okay so I finished level 95 now I’m on the 3rd mistery quest and I just can’t seem to beat it. Does any one know how to beat this one so I can move onto level 96.

    • Soncie22

      Please, oh please, tell me how you did it.. And could you explain it s-l-o-w-l-y and in great detail? Thank you thank you thankyou! In answer to your question you’ll either need to have FB friends give you 3-tickets, or you can pay to move to the next level.

      • Tonya Lyn McDowell

        You have to get the fruits to the bottom. Then get them to go through the portal. Once the fruits are over on the side that’s when you want to make special candies because its to small of a space. You have to really plan your moves. It took me like 10 tries or more befor I got it. I hope this helps.

        • Soncie22

          Thanks! As soon as I posted my question here, I went back to the game and was–miracle of miracles–was “Finally” able to move forward to the next level. .things that make you go hmm..

      • Kevin Mackay

        I have finished level 95 but can’t seem to go any further. There is still a keyhole that appears and I cannot click on anything to move to the next level. So I cannot do any mistery quests or ask friends for tickets. Any idea why?

        • Soncie22

          You can either pay .99 to move on to the next level or click the next level 96 which gives you the option to ask your Facebook friends for 3-tickets or 3-lives (one per person) Hope this helps!

  • Mary Anne Ley

    How do you get tickets for level 95?

    • Soncie22

      You can either ask your Facebook friends for them, or you could pay the .99 to move on to the next level.

  • Pam

    Does anyone know how to move the clock 5 hrs ahead of the actual time? I keep buying new lives…
    Level 95 seems impossible !!!

    • Candy Crush Cheats

      Don’t spend your money! Pending on what phone you have, just change the time in your settings. Then go into the game,and more lives should follow after that. Then go back to your settings and change the time back

      • roger

        I did that a few times and now i have to wait 300,000hours for the next life! Any way to rest the time?

  • JT

    I am on level 95 & have never been able to connect to FB to get extra lives, candies, etc. What could possibly be the issue ?