Candy Crush Level 162 Cheats and Tips

Stuck on level 162? How do you collect the orders and score 30,000 points in 40 moves? These Candy Crush level 162 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 162 of Candy Crush. You will need to complete 10 striped candies and 3 wrapped candies to collect all the orders for Level 162.

Candy Crush Level 162 Cheats

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  • You will want to play this game on mobile instead of Facebook because they have different goals. Facebook requires you to make two combinations of Striped Candy + Wrapped Candy, which is much harder. Play the mobile game as it is easier to beat. You need to use 3 wrapped candies and 10 striped candies. The difficulty is in the layout of the board as there is not much open space to make special candies. So it is especially helpful to start with a board that lets you make one right away. If you don’t see any good moves, get a new board without losing any lives by exiting and reopening the level. This must be done before you take your first turn.




  • MsJuiced

    how does this help me my friend??!! lmbo

    • pandoraknopp

      A good question!

    • hazel

      it doesn’t help

  • Rhonda

    Actually, I play the mobile version -(I’ve never played through Facebook), and my level 162 requires me to combine 2 sets of a wrapped + striped… Must depend on the mobile device???

    • megan murtha

      That’s happening to me too.I would just use these tips but then switch them

  • megan murtha

    On mobile its striped plus wrapped.on Facebook is the 3 wrapped and 10 striped

  • Gayatri Ganeshan

    It was 10 stripped and 3 wrapped candies in my facebook than in mobile. Coz of this website ony I came to know about this.. :) Thanks

  • Jill Eshenbaugh

    I get tired of everyone saying resets don’t take lives. Yes they do. I’ve opened a board and closed it immediately only to find that I’ve lost a life

    • rookgaroo

      If it’s a timed level, you’ll lose a life if you reset, no matter what. The device you’re playing on may make a difference also, I’m not sure. I’m playing on a Kindle Fire and as long as it’s not a timed level, I can reset as often as I need to.