Candy Crush Level 162 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 3 of 4 for Candy Crush 162.

Level 162 Cheat #3: Watch out for the chocolate fountains.

candy crush level 162
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  • The four chocolate fountains on this stage will keep spawning chocolates throughout the level. Make sure you regularly remove these chocolates before they keep multiplying. Since you don’t have that much space on the board to begin with, you REALLY don’t want chocolates to start taking over that limited space.

  • MsJuiced

    how does this help me my friend??!! lmbo

    • pandoraknopp

      A good question!

    • hazel

      it doesn’t help

  • Rhonda

    Actually, I play the mobile version -(I’ve never played through Facebook), and my level 162 requires me to combine 2 sets of a wrapped + striped… Must depend on the mobile device???

    • megan murtha

      That’s happening to me too.I would just use these tips but then switch them

  • megan murtha

    On mobile its striped plus wrapped.on Facebook is the 3 wrapped and 10 striped

  • Gayatri Ganeshan

    It was 10 stripped and 3 wrapped candies in my facebook than in mobile. Coz of this website ony I came to know about this.. :) Thanks

  • Jill Eshenbaugh

    I get tired of everyone saying resets don’t take lives. Yes they do. I’ve opened a board and closed it immediately only to find that I’ve lost a life

    • rookgaroo

      If it’s a timed level, you’ll lose a life if you reset, no matter what. The device you’re playing on may make a difference also, I’m not sure. I’m playing on a Kindle Fire and as long as it’s not a timed level, I can reset as often as I need to.

    • Melissa Hawker

      U have to close it down in the bottom left corner in the thing that pops out select the bottom one and it will go back to wit h level u went to play then select same level. If u exit out of game by hitting ur “arrow back” or “home”
      icon you will loose a life.

  • barkercreek

    I’ve made the matches twice (3 wrapped & 10 striped) but haven’t even come close to getting 70,000 points and so failed.

  • Lizbet

    Played on FaceBook. You just need to get 3 wrapped and 10 striped. Must have changed. Anyhow, I got it on FIRST TRY! Luck I guess!
    Hey, just reading below, maybe these hints have the rules backwards, on what you need to get?! Facebook was smooth and no combos needed.

  • Barbara

    How do you form the wrapped candies? This is the only thing that’s stopping me from winning this level/

  • Barbara

    How do you form the wrapped candies? This is the only thing that’s stopping me from winning this level/