Candy Crush Level 265 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 265 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 265 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 265 is to get 40,000 points in just 30 moves while clearing all double jelly.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 265.

Level 265 Cheat #1: Make a color bomb + striped candy combination.

candy crush level 265
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  • In order to clear the most jellies and to stave off obstacles and blockers, you’re going to need to form a color bomb candy + striped candy combination. It’s especially useful for getting those tricky side jellies.
  • A striped candy + a wrapped candy is also efficient since it clears 3 rows.

  • Jh root

    First, the bombs go off very fast, you can’t keep up. Not everyone who plays is as fast to make the perfect move. The bombs just keep coming. You feel like your getting no where. When a game becomes stressful and no longer fun, you loose your desire to continue. I am at that point with candy crush.

  • crabbyabbey

    If you have any Swedish Fish from the daily prize wheel they are very helpful to use on this level. They can reset the bombs!

  • Susan

    My level 265 does NOT LOOK like the game above, it starts with the outside covered with MERINGUES, then I have to break CLEAR COVERS, then remove the candies THREE TIMES. I DO NOT HAVE CANDIES ON THE SIDES. I have had a game where I TWICE had 2 color bombs together and still didn’t pass the level.
    I agree with Jh root (below) when the game is stressful, or it becomes clear that this level cannot be won you loose your desire to continue. I am at that point

    • Nancy Reindl

      MY levels are like yours Susan.. You get nowhere very fast. I am ready to quit also.

    • livluvnplay

      Susan, the reason your level does not look like the pic of the game above is because in the pic of the game above, they have already cleared the meringues in that pic.

  • livluvnplay

    Why does my games have Meringues and THEN 2 layers of Jellies???

    • rekha

      this level is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie

    There should be more moves, and dont get me started with Odus Owl Level 73 .

  • Heather

    I also find once you have a colour bomb on the one side, it is a couple moves before you get candies of that colour on that side. I had 2 reds on the right side and 2 reds at the top left. The rest of the board was blue yellow and green.

  • Joseph Picarello

    hay people, you need to go slow use the fish,open all of the cubes once so th dark grey is showing. then start working on a bomb, at the same time make stripe candy , set the bomb off with a stipe candy then start seting off the other stripe candy. keep repeatig this it works. only 2 days working on it done, bang boom sap.good luck.

  • Becky

    This level not fun. Very little chance of success. When game is more frustrating than fun..time to find a new game. No more time wasted on CC for me. Life is meant to be enjoyed. What a valuable life lesson.

  • David

    I don’t understand this level. When I manage to clear a bomb, it is simply replaced by another bomb of the same color or different color (over and over again). The only way to get rid of the bomb is to move it when there are same color candies above it and below it in the adjacent column, which is difficult to make happen. This may be the end of the road for me.

  • Lilly

    Just passed! By chance, I’m sure. I haven’t played CC for 2 months? Maybe a break is what you need.

  • Dina

    After many days and lots of frustration I figured out the game. Don’t concentrate on the booms until you have to. Concentrate on clearing the jellies. If there is a bomb in a spot where the jelly was already cleared – go to an area that you still need to clear the jelly! When I realized this – I cleared the level! Good Luck!