Candy Crush Level 30 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 30 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 30 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 30 is to bring down all of the ingredients.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Candy Crush 30.

Level 30 Cheat #1: Jelly first.

candy crush level 30
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  • This tip is important for level 30 because you do not know which column your ingredients are going to fall down, and since this type of jelly only requires one hit to clear it, it is useful to get this out of your way first. Since it is harder to clear the jelly once the ingredients are lying on top of it, as there are less ways to clear it, start by making your moves at the bottom of the board. This will also allow the new falling candies from the top of your board to make new opportunities to create special candies and clear jellies without wasting additional moves. Once you have cleared all your jelly, you can make moves at the top of the board again as that is where a lot of special candy opportunities will be.

  • Jan

    After trying for a week to complete level 30 and almost giving up. I found these tips and am glad I did, after reading these I got candy crush on my first attempt. Thanks.

  • Peter Parker

    Your tips are actually awesome. I was finding these tips and after finding yours I use the cheats and got a great response.

    Candy Crush Level 30


  • young afrique

    five hrs at this and i can’t get through this level…

  • Sara Mullins

    When I Googled Candy Crush level 29, this site came up first so I went to it. I’m so glad I did! I was stuck on level 29 for 2 days and after reading your tips for it, I cleared it on the first try! I just started playing the game 4 days ago and I’m glad to have this page to help me out now! After reading your tips for level 30, I’m going to go give it another try! Thanks!!

  • Madelyn

    I was stuck on 29 for way too long when I found these tips. After reading it I passed the next time I played. Thank God cause I was ready to quit. LOL. Its not fun when some of the levels are too challenging. It makes me want to quit, you dont want it to be too easy but you also don’t want to get to the point where you’re frustrated. That is not fun, and to me they are going to lose a lot of players as I already know a few people who have quit this game saying its too hard.

    • FedUp

      I could only pass 29 after deleting the program, downloading it again, and playing all the way up to 29 again. This game is very random but I think it is also flawed.

  • Madelyn

    By the way for those still stuck on 29 what I did was concentrate on the bottom and that worked for me, good luck.

  • Mary Ndung’u

    Ma dear am stock in level 30 I HV tryed ma best it still let me down plizz gv me same tip on how to do it plizz

  • Mary Ndung’u

    Thnx opesi will mk it to next level

    • Beef curtains

      Concentrate on the dudes first on this level, this will get you by this level. It’s not that difficult really.

  • laura

    it’s been like 2 weeks, can’t get past 30, even with these tips. not fun anymore. uninstall.

    • Fun101

      Rage quit.

    • bobby womack


      • Michael Sutherland

        You got no ass to laugh off!!

    • Vikash Singh Tiwari

      yah dude same here but I’ve got succeeded in a week

  • Cupid Stunt

    Level 30 is one of the easiest levels, no one should be struggling on this one!

    • James Stahlnecker

      When there is no algorithm, it can be “easy” or hard depending on chance.. for instance accidentaly throwing a toothpick into a shotglass

    • bobby womack

      why don’t u give some tips then

  • Eric White

    I like challenging games, but when the it’s computer generated, random results the player has no control over, it leave me to believe there is a problem with the game. I have tried way to long on level 30…the ingredients aren’t showing up To go throw th whole level and only 2 cherries show up , something isn’t right

    • James Stahlnecker

      I agree sometimes all 60 moves not one cherry, or acorn drops

    • Patti Cooper

      I absolutely agree!

  • AnnaBanana


    • B Bradley

      patience my dear

    • vicky

      just concentrate nd make special effect

  • Pixelspin

    I just tried this for a few times today (I’m new to this game) and I
    beat it easily so I don’t understand what the difficulty is about.

    • James Stahlnecker

      I threw a quarter, it bounced off the dresser and into my change jar. Why cant you do that????

    • Janet Dalke

      like several other people have said and it is happening to me on level 30. The ingredients don’t come. you try every column and still no cherries or acorns (what ever they are). i was stuck on level 29 for weeks and one day i cleared it with 1 move left. just luck i guess. i am glad i found this site because these tips are being helpful. thanks guys.

  • Bridget Ament

    I canNOT get off this level! I’m convinced you have to buy your way out!

    • bobby womack

      I think so too

    • FedUp

      I think that is the plan.

    • Kathy Strunk Rais

      U do not have to buy your way out. I am stuck on it too but my daughter and friends are way past this one. My daughter is on 200 something and believe me she is way too cheap to pay anything. It is random so itdepends on what moves u make and how it falls. Since i really started taking my time to look for 4 and 5 in a row to get the srriped ones and other candy, i am doing much better. I was trying to go too fast and missing some good moves. Patience is the key i think. it is frustrating my daughter called it the devil when she found out i started playing. Lol

  • manank patel

    Every body stucks at level 30 !!! Me Too

  • kingcrusher

    There was nothing that was helpful to me from this webpage…

    But amazingly cleared level 30 after coming here and going back to game!!!

    That was pure luck indeed

  • vicky

    oh yeah i clear yahoooo

  • Troy Tripamer

    45 days playing often during the day on level 30. I hate it and get so frustrated my blood pressure goes up. Time to stop Candy Crush.

    • FedUp

      Yes, it is not fun if it is not winable.

  • Superdog

    I am also stuck at leve; 30.

  • Lyn Buttifant

    I’m now at the stage where I don’t give a damn!

  • Janet Dalke

    how do you get the spinning wheel to appear to use it?

  • Janet Dalke

    i have followed the tips for level 30. nothing has helped. i keep getting starting boards that dont help and i can not get the specials together. any other help offered.

  • FedUp

    #30 forces you to use so many moves before the ingredients appear that you do not have enough moves left to get the ingredients to the bottom. It takes too long for the ingredients to appear.