Candy Crush Level 97 Cheats & Tips

How do you beat level 97 of Candy Crush? These Candy Crush level 97 cheats and tips will help you pass this difficult level! You must reach 100,000 points in only 25 moves while avoiding bombs.

Candy Crush Level 97 Cheats

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candy crush level 97 bombs

  • There must be some type of secret to Candy Crush level 97, because unless you get super lucky, this level makes it impossible to make special candy combos that would even get you close to the target points since you are too busy making sure the bombs don’t blow up.  Well, you’re in luck!  You can use the bombs to your advantage when you destroy them because they are worth a lot of points.  Destroying any bomb will automatically give you 3060 points, so you aren’t exactly wasting your moves by destroying them.  Keeping a lot of bombs on the board is actually a good thing, because you will get more points when you destroy them with particular special candy combinations, like the striped candy + wrapped candy combo, which clears the entire board.  Chances are, the bombs will explode themselves through cascading tiles before their time is up since the board is so small, so your main focus should be on creating as many special candies as you can.  Now it’s time to focus on cheat No. 2, which is what special candy/bomb combinations are going to score you the most points.




  • Nasim Rz

    thaaaaanks. really useful, although still not able to pass it :|

  • Sue Dickins

    Why does my turn stop before 25moves even though the bombs haven’t gone off?

  • Karen4Him

    I’ve been stuck on this level for over a week, used up ‘lives’, time and sanity … crazy mad over the impossibility of this level! I read this tip page, tried it and got it on the 1st try! It’s all in the timed bombs and the special combos! Thank you!

  • lanielaine

    it didn’t help :(

  • Robin Hammond

    I reached 103,000 points but it still didn’t let me win! I hate this level. Why didn’t it let me move on to level 98?

    • KneeKnee

      that sux !!!!

  • Angie Wilkerson Williams Lofth

    I used a whole lot of money to pass this level. I just kept buying extra moves and suckers. I finally passed.

  • maisie may

    I just cannot beat this level. Have been on it for a few weeks. I will keep trying to make special combos. UGH!

  • Marie Austin

    I’m just waiting for my luck to turn. I’ve had every candy combo and still have not won this level.

  • Marie Austin

    99,820. Sheer torture!

    • Marie Austin

      i had 3 color bombs on the board at the same time. I combined two color bombs and still lost! This may be the end of the road for me for Candy Crush. I refuse to buy lives or special candy. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

      • Davey07

        If you set the date forward on ur phone and load candy crush back up you will have full lives. And if you go straight back out and change the date back you will still have full lives.. keep doing that untill your heart’s content!! :-) I’ve just gone through over 40 lives today.

        • Alex

          Liar! I have tried your tip and now have to wait for 24 hours for new lives.

          • Belinda Jackson

            Yu have to change tha date rite back 4 this not tu hapn.

        • Belinda Jackson

          Yea,but if yu don’t change tha date rite back,yu will b waiting 4eva 4 anutha life!lol this game will make ya nuts!!!

      • Steve Kolb

        Combine a color bomb with the color of any bomb on the board and you get 40,000 or 50,000 points

        • MeWatchingYou

          Please be more specific. Use terms “spotted bomb”,”striped candy”,”wrapped candy”,”colored, number bomb”. Thanks

    • leoduartec

      same as me lol

  • Corry

    Play level 97 on Facebook and you will beat it.

  • stay

    Why does the game end when I have 17 moves left

    • evets

      maybe the bomb exploded…. don’t let the bomb explode

  • Steve Kolb

    Combine a color bomb with the color of any bomb on the board to get 40,000 or 50,000 points. I got almost 189,000 points by doing this. Very easy

    • In The Zone

      Spot on Steve – I didn’t see your post but after tearing my hair out I stumbled on this very easy way to smash through the 100k target. Obviously make sure that once you have lined up your colour bomb with the bomb use some moves to maximize the amount of candies that are same colour as the time bomb

    • Linda

      Don’t get it, Steve. Do you mean combine spotted with a candy the same color as a bomb on board?

      • Steve Kolb

        Yes. Crushing a bomb using a color bomb gives a lot of bonus points

  • Cheryl

    I got to 99,500 and 99,900. I wanted to DIE.

    • Alex

      Me, too

  • CandyBitch

    For fuck sake!!! Even if you got over 100k points you still loose if your bomb goes off before your 25 moves.

  • Cheryl

    I finally got past it. It took several sprinkle + striped candy combos to get through it. Now I’m stuck on level 105

  • Ro

    Why does this level quit at 17 moves remaining when it states 25moves will be available?

  • Dan Dan

    I just scored over 104,000 but it came through as a failure. What’s up? Do all the bombs have to be cleared as well? Very frustrating.

  • Halita Ann Lee

    Why does the time keep Turin off bofore

  • Maria Jean LaMonte

    I just don’t get it. How do I keep the bombs from exploding?

    • Maria Jean LaMonte

      OK!!! Just figured it out!

  • YouNoWho

    THE SECRET… At least this is what made it easy for me… Surely I cannot be the only one who assumed the “timed bombs” were literally timed, meaning they were counting down with time. THAT IS NOT THE CASE! These bombs are NOT timed! An “8″ bomb does not go off in 8 seconds. The number shown is merely the number of moves you have left with which to destroy the bomb. The number goes down by one for each move you make. You can TAKE ALL DAY to figure out your next move and the bombs will not go off! I went through many lives thinking these bombs were timed, frantically clicking here and there as fast as I could find a move—any move!—and each game would be over within seconds. I’d try harder by clicking faster, but the faster I clicked, the quicker the bombs would count down and the game would be over! Once I realized the bombs weren’t timed, I was able to choose my moves carefully—and then it didn’t take long to get the right combination of luck and good moves to win.

    • Ash

      This is completely untrue. the bombs are times and if u leave them for a second more they do go off. so one has to be fast while preventing them from exploding.

      • YouNoWho

        Obviously—and I don’t know any other way to put this—you don’t know what you’re talking about. The bombs at this level are NOT timed. You can take all the time you want to decide what moves to make. The numbers on the bombs are the number of MOVES you can make before the bombs go off, not the number of seconds. If you are going to post things intended to help people, be sure you’ve got it right before posting.

  • jjjhj b gi

    Fuck this stupid ass level

  • Ock

    it’s time limit level. That’s all!

    • YouNoWho

      You are mistaken. You can take all the time you want in deciding what moves to make. The numbers on the bombs are the number of MOVES you can make before the bomb goes off. (They are not the number of seconds you have to make your moves; nothing is timed.)

  • Fozi Az

    2 weeks … 2 weeks :’(
    i lost my weight and my mind as well..

    i scored 151,000 by 100% of total Chance … and lost -_- WTF Candy Crush … WTF!!!

    i’m ready to die here … see you in hell Candy Crush Developers :@